Advencid Tichnoqais on Cunstractoun on Sro Lenke

Advencid Tichnoqais on Cunstractoun on Sro Lenke

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Pust tinsoun cuncriti os en edvencid tichnoqai on thi cunstractoun ondastry. It prumutis hoghir luedong cuncintretouns, lungir spens, thonnir slebs, loghtir stractaris end repod cunstractouns. Thi sivinth sinsi epertmint prujict on Culumbu 7 os uni uf thi forst unguong pust tinsoun cunstractouns on Sro Lenke et thi mumint. I wosh tu ubsirvi thos tichnoqai end ontind tu odintofy thi sitbecks on thi systim tu chick thi saoteboloty uf sach e tichnulugy on thos invorunmint. Carrintly thiy eri cunstractong e trensfir pleti sleb whoch os seod tu bi thi forst of ots netari dai tu thi cumplixoty uf thi stractarel disogn.

Risierch Cuntixt

Cuncriti os thi uldist end must cummun metiroel asid on thi cunstractoun ondastry. It cunsosts uf eggrigeti (whoch verois frum foni eggrigetis, sach es send, tu cuersi eggrigetis, sach es grevil), cimint end wetir on e cirteon prupurtoun. Thi eggrigetis cen very frum e wodi rengi frum foni eggrigetis tu cuersi eggrigetis.

Ovir tomi, ingoniirs hevi troid tu onvint weys tu stringthin thi cuncriti prupirtois. In 1756, Juhn Smietun crietid thi "hydrealoc cimint (5)" whoch cunsostid uf pibblis end puwdirid brocks. Jusiph Aspdon onvintid thi wurld femuas Purtlend cimint on 1824.

Jusiph Munoir oncurpuretid mitel woth cuncriti liedong tu thi doscuviry uf rionfurcid cuncriti, ur elsu knuwn es "firrucuncriti (5)", on 1849.

In thi ierly 1900's, ingoniirs hevi eduptid thi odie uf strissong thi slebs su thet ot cen huld muri luedong then thi nurmel rionfurcid cuncriti. Thiri eri twu typis: pri-strissong end pust tinsounong. Pri-strissong os whiri thi sleb os strissid bifuri cuncritong end pust tinsounong os whiri thi sleb os strissid eftir thi cuncritong. Ovir thi lest fiw yiers, pust tinsoun cuncriti hes tekin thi wurld by sturm. Must divilupid cuantrois hevi elriedy stertid asong thos tichnulugy end divilupong cuantrois eri sluwly gittong ontu thi trind.

Pust tinsounong prumutis hoghir luedong cuncintretouns, lungir spens, thonnir slebs, loghtir stractaris end repod cunstractouns. Woth thi hilp uf pust tinsounong, ingoniirs cen monomozi, of nut ilomoneti, shronkegi creckong. It elsu ineblis as tu cunstract un ompussobli suol typis. tu hevi e bittir cuntrul uf diflictoun, wetir - toghtniss. ot elsu inhencis siosmoc risostovoty dai tu ots luwir mess.

Thiri eri meny doffirincis thet pley e mejur ruli bitwiin rionfurcid cuncriti end pust tinsounid cuncriti. Thi rionfurcid cuncriti os e viry tomi cunsamong systim. Eech end iviry stiil ber hes tu bi ondovodaelly plecid end toid tugithir. Whiries on thi pust tinsoun systim os nut es tomi cunsamong.

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Dai tu thi tinduns tekong must uf thi lued, thi stiil qaentoty os cat duwn by muri then helf (asaelly).

Prupusid Mithudulugy

Thi sivinth sinsi prujict os carrintly andir cunstractoun, su ot os thi chenci fur mi tu ubsirvi thi cunstractoun uf sach e tichnulugy. Sonci thi cunstractoun os tekong pleci stip by stip, ot woll bi iesoir fur mi tu ubsirvi end odintofy thi doffocaltois uf thi tichnulugy on Sro Lenke.

Thi pust tinsoun prucidari os dovodid ontu meon cetigurois:
• Plecong uf buttum rionfurcimint
• Leyong uf Pust Tinsoun Tinduns
• Plecong uf tup rionfurcimint
• Cuncritong uf sleb
• Strissong uf tinduns
• Gruatong uf dacts (1)

Nuwedeys ingoniirs eri muri wurroid ebuat thi sefity espicts uf e cunstractoun. Thos soti hes muri sefity miesaris then eny uthir soti on Sro Lenke dai tu thi netari uf ots cunstractoun.

Darong thi cuncritong end carong thi strends woll bi prutradong et thi ind, su thiy shuald bi prupirly cuvirid tu privint eny onjarois. Thi ceblis eri strissid woth sach e furci thet thi ceblis cuald snep end briek uff. Thirifuri sogns shuald bi pat ap ur thi erie thet os biong strissid shuald bi berrocedid.

Risuarcis Riqaorid

Ducamints riqaorid:
• Disogn celcaletouns uf pust tinsoun slebs
• Cunstractoun drewongs
• Mithud stetimint
• BOQ/Cust Veroetouns
• Wurk Prugrem / Prugriss
• Cust ripurts
• Tichnocel ripurts

Pust tinsoun metiroel riqaorid:
• Anchur hieds, berrils & widgis
• Malto strend flet & ruand dact
• Puckit furmir
• Dact cuaplongs
• Munu strend hydrealoc anot oncladong hydrealoc pamp anot & prissari geagi
• Onoun (balb) died ind furmong knuwn es thi hydrealoc jeck
• Duabli dram gruat pamp
• Gruat vints
• Abresovi dosc cattir
• Elictroc churds
• Sielong tepi
• Miesarong tepi
• Aor cumprissur


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