Advanced Practice Registered Nurses At The State Of Florida Will Be Appropriate For Consideration

Advanced Practice Registered Nurses At The State Of Florida Will Be Appropriate For Consideration

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In achieving the main goals of this paper, a significant sample of 120 Advanced Practice Registered Nurses in the State of Florida will be appropriate for consideration. This sample size will be relevant enough in sustaining the needed level of validity of the study, which is in term of achieving the supposed results for the study. The only inclusion criterion identified for this study is the idea that one is an APRN and already working in a recognized healthcare institution. As for the study setting, it is clear that the most appropriate place for collecting data will be national hospitals, missionary clinics, and nursing homes.
b. Sampling Strategy
The imperative way of sampling this group that has been selected for the study by using the random sampling technique. The only focus should be the case whereby the identified participant or groups of participants are registered nurses. With this strategy, the study will be ready to be ready to be initiated.
c. Research Design
The main study will adopt a case study design in collecting the relevant data for the study. It is a comprehensive approach that establishes a platform of undertaking an exhaustive contextual analysis to establish an understanding of the existing complex issue. The design explores on the value of utilizing various methodologies in conducting the study and hence increasing the chances of being successful with the study (Creedon, Byrne, Sketris, Kennedy, & McCarthy, 2015). One of the most important thing about this study design is the fact that it has the capacity of integrating with the relevant individual case studies and. Hence, reinforces the study findings. This is an imperative measure that has contributed immensely in the selection of the design fo...

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...y. Evidently, the sustenance of ethical values and principles is a relative measure that aims at ensuring that the final study meets all the expectations that had been established in relation to the main topic of study.
Limitations of Proposed Study
The current study was limited to Advanced Registered Nurse Practitioners and, hence, the scope of the project was a narrow and in accordance to a specific nursing specialty. This means that other relevant issues that are associated with other categories of Advanced Nursing Practice (ANP) were not considered and, hence, the need of conducting a study that looks at ANP as a whole. Such a projection will look at the comprehensive interpretation of the nursing law in Florida in reference to the advanced nursing practice and the impact of the noted restrictions to the delivery of health care services within the state.

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