Advanced Practice Registered Nurse Roles And Negotiating Health Care Systems Course

Advanced Practice Registered Nurse Roles And Negotiating Health Care Systems Course

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Advanced Practice Registered Nurse Roles and Negotiating Health Care Systems course was an essential millstone not only for my carrier establishment as a future Advanced Practice Registered Nurse (APRN), but also as an ambitious graduate student and an innovative leader in the nursing field in Saudi Arabia. I believe the multiple level of interactive learning in the class was very helpful for my professional communication skills. At the social level with my primary group, I learned how to develop a flexible weekly work plans based on members individualized schedules and priorities. At the larger professional encounter level with the other groups and the professor discussions, I learned how to contribute constructively and apply abstract concepts into the clinical settings. In addition, the lectures content was very applicable, realistic and up to date. Although some of the lectures and reading materials were slightly complicated, the professor’s examples of the tools application ware very helpful; especially because he used it through his research studies and in the institutions he developed in New Jersey and other places. Also, the web based lectures and the weekly readings aid my self determination to be committed to my professional growth, which in turn lead to meet the class objectives for the purpose of learning instead to gain grades. Independent study is one of the core skills for graduate school and the learning process in this class assist me a lot to maser this skill (Hwang, Chu, Yin, & Ogata, 2015).
Furthermore, the comprehensive nature of the course objective which ranged from the personal level of Nurse Practitioners (NP) scope of practice to the larger aspect of APRN policy c...

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... Additionally, the valuable course text books were very informative. Unlike other classes required text books, Joel’s book provide a significant background for APRNs. At the beginning of this semester I rent it, but then I realized that I’ll need it for future references and I bought it. All the chapters are very relevant, specific, and realistic to the current advanced practice nursing profession situation. Particularly, the chapters that discuss the history of role development, role development theories and starting independent practice. I highlight those chapters because It draws an outline for my journey in establishing nationally recognized of advanced nursing in Saudi Arabia.
I believe this class evolve my prospective. I am more goal oriented, professionally prepared and focused to have my own legacy in the nursing profession.

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