Advanced Mathematics Classes As A Result Of Tracking Essay

Advanced Mathematics Classes As A Result Of Tracking Essay

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African American students are less likely to take to take advanced mathematics classes as a result of tracking. Coincidently, according to research conducted at Boston College, family income was the best indicator of scores on standardized tests. If someone connects all the dots it becomes quite clear how our education system upholds racism. Once again, I will come back to the example of Chicago Schools. As stated earlier income level is usually the best indicator of how kids will score on standardized tests. When looking at Chicago neighborhoods and especially schools which are segregated based on income level. Students who score higher will be set on the fast track and be put in advanced classes. Ironically the kids who scored lower were left behind because higher test scores provide more funding. African Americans and Latinos make up a large portion of Chicago’s low income demographic. By examining the system as a whole, one can come to understand how deeply entrenched institutional racism is. It is because of this that many people fail to question it or are even aware of it. As was stated earlier, it much less common to see overt racism and people begin to dismiss the fact that racism exists in the schooling system. It is imperative that American citizens realize the adverse effects that our education system has on our children. John Taylor Gatto states in his book Dumbing Us Down: The Hidden Curriculum of Compulsory Schooling “This great crisis that we witness in our schools is interlinked with a greater social crisis in the community. We seem to have lost our identity” (Gatto 21). He argues that our education system is a reflection of our societies’ values. America claims to be the home of the free. Well to be truly free, pe...

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...quality by relying on the system to weed out the students who don’t perform well on high stakes test. These students don’t receive the best resources and teachers so they are not able to succeed in the classroom and test setting when compared to their peers. Coincidentally school funding is based off of property taxes. Richer neighborhoods have higher property taxes and thus have more funding. While investigating the demographic of people who have wealth it comes as no surprise that the majority of the demographic is white. With all this information it is almost impossible to deny that our education system manages and upholds racism. The larger problem comes when people fail to see the institutional racism behind it all. If as a society we fail to recognize the downfalls of our education, then racism will persist and allow more students to fall through the cracks.

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