Advanced Features Of Microsoft Office Essay examples

Advanced Features Of Microsoft Office Essay examples

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Advanced Features of Microsoft Office
Features of Microsoft Office allow the user to control and fine tune their works with the aim of increasing efficiency. The following important options are found in most of the application among many others:
a) Paste option
b) Recent option
c) Templates
The old versions of Microsoft office that had paste options that were limited. However, the latest versions have several options other than simply pasting. These options are available through the Paste option found in the Home tab under the Clipboard group. All applications have the Paste option but it is contextual and specific for each application. The next is Recent; this option offers an easy and quick way to locate files that are lost instead of using the search feature in Windows that is slow and unreliable. Recent option can be accessed through the File tab where a list of files recently used appears in the left pane after selecting Recent. Templates, with Microsoft Office it is advisable for a user working on files whose format properties are similar, to select a default template that is suitable or they may custom a template.
Microsoft Word
Microsoft Word is a word processing software used for creating documents such as drafts, reports, write-ups, essays letters and other documents. The following is an example of advanced features that are important:
a) AutoCorrect
b) Replace
c) Styles
d) Word’s Document Map
AutoCorrect, common typos are automatically corrected by this feature. In addition this feature can be applied to enter repetitive symbols and text. Replace, this feature is powerful and has many different uses such as using tab to replace multiple spaces, adding text to an existing phrase, it may be used to change text that...

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...file in the system. Slide transition is used to make presentation more interesting and clear. There are different transition effects a user may apply to different slides.

. Microsoft Outlook
Microsoft Outlook offers the user the ability to view their emails, contacts, files and calendars. The following are the advanced features in Microsoft Outlook:
a) Outlook search folders
b) Weather Bar
c) Search Tab
Outlook search folders, this feature allows the user to access filtered mail quickly by setting search criteria. Weather Bar, informs the user on the weather forecast this enables the user to schedule trips and plan their day. Search Tab this allows the user to find email messages, contacts, attachments, and calendar appointments.

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