Essay on Adulthood : The Social World

Essay on Adulthood : The Social World

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1. Chapter 13 “Adulthood: The Social World” emphasizes adults’ mental development in regards to their personality. Parenting styles and an individual’s unique temperament are factors that contribute to adults’ personality. Jean Piaget’s Cognitive Theory is the theory of “human development that focuses on changes in how people think over time, in which thoughts shape attitudes, beliefs, and behaviors,” (Berger, 28) In adulthood, this theory is evident because there are a few adults that develop characteristics that are the reverse of their childhood temperament. “One noteworthy finding about adulthood is that people can change, not only in actions but also in personality, usually for the better,” (Berger, 466). Personality traits begin with genes but as time goes by, they are affected by experiences, as well as, personality affecting almost everything, including whether an emerging adult develops an eating disorder. There are 5 personality traits that remain stable in adulthood known as The Big 5, these traits are: openness, conscientiousness, extroversion, agreeableness, and neuroticism, (Berger, 467). Some traits are between extremely high and extremely low, and some traits can be learned, affected, and influenced by others and vice versa, in which Albert Bandura’s Social Learning Theory (modeling) states that “humans are social beings, they learn from observing others, even without personally receiving any reinforcement,” can be seen here, (Berger, 28). For example, students cheating on exams would mean that their agreeableness trait is low, and that they were once influenced to cheat by their friends or peers, they can then influence others to cheat on exams as well (Berger, 467). In the same way, Urie Brofenbrenner’s Ecologic...

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...n but continue working at that same job regardless of how much smack they have spoken about it. This is the reason why everyone tends to be careful and keep their information hidden (like Facebook) from people that are not on their friends list. “Adults choose their contexts, selecting vocations, hobbies, health habits, mates, and neighborhoods in part because of their own traits, in which personality affects almost everything, (Berger, 467). Everyone has connections to many people, things will then spread or be seen, and eventually someone from one’s work company, whom is part of a higher position, would be able to see such immaturity and disrespect that could cost that person their job or career. "Perception is reality, we 've got to be extra careful in the career realm because people are now looking and so much can get out there that we don 't want to," (Chirico).

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