The Adulthood And Middle Adulthood Essay

The Adulthood And Middle Adulthood Essay

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The area that I would like to touch on is the different levels of adulthood, young adulthood, early adulthood and middle adulthood. These developmental stages are new to me, especially the Emerging adulthood theory that was discussed in this course. I will be discussing what stood out to me as I learned about these different stages, before this I was under the impression that once you turned 18 years old you were considered an adult. Not that I agreed with that theory, but until I took this course my thought had been confirmed and there are different “levels” of being an adult.
Emerging adulthood, really stood out to me in the course, due to the fact that from 18-25 years old a person really lacks life experience, yet they are strapped with all the responsibilities of being an adult, and who to teach them how to handle life? I feel that from the age you start school until you graduate, you are learning a ton of life lessons, however, due to having parents care for you financially you do not get to apply these lesson to your life. So not many people are “trying out” adulthood, and being able to explore their identity, and spread their wings. Per the book, only small groups of people get to enter into this emerging adulthood stage due to financial reasons, the middle and upper class white population are the ones that can offer this to their children. However, I feel that other ethnic groups offer this as well.
Within, the emerging adulthood, this group usually moves out of the house to gain some independence from family, some start school go right into the workforce, not looking for something serious that they can start a savings from, but just enough to survive and get by with their basic needs. At time this group, do not financ...

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...lthood, she can have the freedoms that she wants. Explaining that she will be legally old enough to do as she pleases (within reason), however we do not plan to enable negative behaviors. Wanting her to explore options in life, and not just settling due to lack of resources or due to the expectations of society and the norms of when someone should start a family.
In conclusion, I feel that emerging adult can be a positive aspect for this age group; however, I also feel that if parents play a role in teaching the youth responsibility at a young age they can thrive in this stage of development. They can learn how to have a healthy lifestyle, by learning how who they want to be. Entering into healthy relationships and being financially responsible prior to have children and feeling that they never have to live life. Develop a positive career choice and self-identity.

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