Adult Relationships With A Domestic Violence Offense At Vista Maria Essay

Adult Relationships With A Domestic Violence Offense At Vista Maria Essay

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Tanyia is a 13-year-old African American female who currently resides at Vista Maria after being adjudicated on a Domestic Violence offense and being placed on Level 2 probation. She presents with a multitude of problems that will be the focus of her treatment needs of: verbal and physical aggression, fluctuating moods including irritability and anger, defiance, truancy from school, running away from home, associating with older males, substance use, traumas including physical abuse and rape, other sexual behaviors not appropriate for her age, and limited intellectual functioning. Her relationships within her family are very strained and lack adequate support, excluding her great grandparents. The goals in the therapeutic process are to facilitate relationship building, foster appropriate communication skills, strengthen the family system, be able to display appropriate behaviors/decision making skills, develop an anger management plan, become educated on healthy and age appropriate coping skills that will help to assist her in managing her anger and other difficult emotions, develop the ability to differentiate between healthy and unhealthy peer/adult relationships and dating relationships, gain an understanding of her diagnosis and the ability to be able to manage it, and identify the importance of obtaining an education.
Tanyia has a diagnosis of Oppositional Defiant Disorder (313.81, F91.3) severe, Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (F90.2), Child Sexual Abuse, suspected, initial encounter (T7622xA), Cannabis Use (F12.10), Intellectual Disability, mild (F70), Educational Problems (Z55.9), Parent Child Conflict (Z62820), and Legal Issues. With regards to her ADHD diagnosis given by the psychiatrist at Vista Mari...

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...on feeling an emotion which then leads to a particular thought that makes them uncomfortable which then leads to the negative behavior occurring that then creates another negative feeling and the cycle continues. CBT is then used to change this cycle by creating a more realistic thought that the child can then view in terms where they are more under control and can help them to see their fallacies in thinking, which then lead to them being able to behave in a more appropriate way. ( ) Children often do not look or even understand these thoughts or feelings and thus then act impulsively with their behaviors. With Tanyia, CBT has helped her in addressing her feelings of inadequacy and abandonment, which then create the thoughts that she is not loved or that no one cares about her that then lead to her running away or acting out aggressively and becoming defiant.

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