Adult Learning Is Different From Childhood Learning Essay

Adult Learning Is Different From Childhood Learning Essay

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“It’s not what you’ve got, but how you use it,” Is a common phrase which can be applied to knowledge. Learning takes place when knowledge is applied. Learning can happen through multiple methods; Methods of learning can be further categorized into on-the-job training or formal higher education.
Adult learning is different from childhood learning. As children learn the basics of education they can apply those skills in a formal education setting, such as reading, writing, listening and working with other classmates. Adults not only learn differently, but when they learn specific skills necessary for employment it becomes more difficult to simulate the environment in which those skills will be practiced.
Andrology was a term originated by Malcom Knowles, which compartmentalizes adult learning into a different realm than childhood learning (Judith Ruple, Wiliam W. Lee, Alice Twink Dalton, page 61). Knowles explains that adults are slower learners. He also proposes a set of five principles involved in adult learning. The first is that information must be relevant. Children might not make a connection to the reason they are learning, but adults will. Adults are more likely to retain the information if they find it useful. Second, adult learners need involvement. They need to be engaged in their own education. The third characteristic relates closely to the first. Adults need to find a relation to the learning, whether it be a past experience or a skill that will affect them in a future circumstance. As previously mentioned, adults must be engaged, but they must also be able to contribute. Adults want to solve conflicts or questions rather than be provided with answers. This could indicate that adults acknowledge the importance of t...

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...ealthcare modalities that require on-the-job experience. They also require a standard of formal education and examinations.
Experienced-based learning matched with formal education is not limited to only healthcare. Pilots are another example where formal education and learning by practice are both equally beneficial. According to the Code of Federal Regulations part 61, pilots must perform a minimum number of flights and logged airtime hours to reach credential requirements (
Regardless of the occupation, learning never ends. Formal education and on-the-job training are not mutually exclusive concepts. Formal higher education can allow for a better starting point in a career, but, for motivated individuals, on-the-job training is the next step towards continued improvement. They are both beneficial and both have reasoning and merit.

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