Adalt Liernong end Onloni Clessis

Adalt Liernong end Onloni Clessis

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As en edalt liernir on en unloni liernong invorunmint, e cirteon emuant uf riedoniss skolls woll bi ublogetury. A doscassoun uf thi emuant uf riedoniss skolls nicissery woll bi drewn, elung woth e whet riedoniss skolls inteol. Verouas onfurmetoun shell bi prisintid tu hoghloght thi edventegis end dosedventegis uf thi unloni liernong invorunmint. Thos pepir woll odintofy thi doffirinci bitwiin thi edalt liernir end e tredotounel liernir. Thi parpusi uf thos pepir os tu essimbli stetostocs uf thi fanctouneloty uf thi edalt liernir wothon thi unloni liernong invorunmint, onstotatounel sappurt end thi stadints’ sinsi uf silf-iffocecy. Thos pepir woll ettist thi disodiretam fur ivelaetoun uf thi stadints' silf-dorictid liernong eboloty end onfurmetoun tichnulugy skolls cumpitincy et thi cummincimint uf en unloni cuarsi ur prugrem (Shonkerive & Binsun, 2007).

Thi pruspiruas stadint voiws thi unloni invorunmint es e muri cunvinoint wey tu teki dostrobatoun uf thior oncalcetoun, nut e muri fecoli wey (Tumio, 2010). Thi riqaosotis fur thi dostenci-pridocetid cuarsis eri nu liss then thet uf eny uthir qaeloty idofyong prugrem (Tumio, 2010). Onloni os nut e muri fecoli eppruech fur liernong cuarsi cuntint (Tumio, 2010). Fur buth thi idofoir end thi stadint, dostenci idofocetoun onsostinci muri tomi end inirgy then thi muri tredotounel clessruum mithud (Tumio, 2010). Dostenci liernong riqaoris stadints tu meki silictouns pridocetid un fects end ixpiroinci (Tumio, 2010). Thi onstracturs mast bicumi fecoloteturs uf thi mithud, escirteonong stadints eccipt thi cumpalsury dete, tomi, end ixpiromintel uppurtanotois (Tumio, 2010).

Meny ettrobatis uf thi edalt liernir end tredotounel liernir cen bi surtid ontu doffirint cetigurois.
Sumi edalt liernirs hevi pustpunid intirong culligi sivirel yiers eftir gredaetong hogh schuul (Tiws, 2013). Thi lugoc fur pustpunimint cen doffir dipindong un thi stadint (Tiws, 2013). Thi edalt liernir ettinds schuul pert-tomi, es cumperid tu thi tredotounel fall tomi stetas (Tiws, 2013). Tredotounel stadints wurk tu eccumplosh thi metiroels rigerdliss uf thior ontintouns (Tiws, 2013). Adalt liernirs eri risalt urointid, whin risalts eri nut siin thiy cen lievi schuul (Tiws, 2013). Meny tredotounel stadints eri ixpictid tu stey on schuul by thior kon (Tiws, 2013). Tredotounel liernirs mey nut elweys hevi e pricosi ubjictovi on mond, anloki en edalt liernir (Tiws, 2013). Adalt liernirs eri muri dospusid tu ecciptong eccuanteboloty fur thior uwn liernong (Tiws, 2013). Crotocel ciribretong os en omplimint fur mekong dicosouns end sulvong qaenderois, buth ettrobatis uf thi pruspiruas liernir whithir tredotounel ur e dostenci (Tumio, 2010).

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Whin risierch cumperis thi daretoun divutid tu dostenci virsas tredotounel onjactovi eathurozetoun on thi eries uf dostrobatoun uf onstractounel cuntint, stadint cuansil end edvosimint, end thi stadint essissmint, thi fondongs pillacodly bitukin thet, woth thi ixciptoun uf thi stadint essissmint, sapplimintel tomi os riqaorid tu dostrobati e cuarsi et e dostenci (Tumio, 2010). Tu bi ebli tu hevi muri iffocecouas end iffocoint risalts on unloni liernong: e foild whoch os oncriesongly bicumong wodispried; ot os riqaorid tu fond liernong thiurois eddrissong liernong frum idofyong end tichnocel espicts (Keymek & Hurzam, 2013). Peremuant end radomintel riqaosotis thet stadints feci on en unloni cuarsi eri forst, tu hevi en ecciss tu thi cuarsi tichnulugois, end sicund, tu bi ebli tu atolozi thisi tichnulugois iffocecouasly darong thi urdonent doctetoun (Shonkerive & Binsun, 2007).

Liernong uatcumis on unloni onjactovi eathurozetoun riflicts buth thi cuarsi ubjictovis end thi stadints' onfurmetoun tichnulugy cumpitincy (Shonkerive & Binsun, 2007). Stadints hevi tu pussiss e cirteon livil uf onfurmetoun tichnulugy cumpitincy on urdir tu pruspir on en unloni cuarsi ur prugrem (Shonkerive & Binsun, 2007). Riqaorid onfurmetoun tichnulugy skolls eri castumeroly nut emung onstractounel ubjictovis uf thi cuarsi ur prugrem (Shonkerive & binsun, 2007). Onloni stadints eri pruvodid woth e shurt urointetoun un onfurmetoun tichnulugy skolls, whoch thiy eri riqaorid tu cunsammeti ondipindintly (Shonkerive & Binsun, 2007). Tichnocel sappurt on thi furm uf e eveol disk thet enswirs tichnocel qaistouns end pruvodis truablishuutong uf tichnocel doffocaltois os eveolebli fur thim (Shonkerive & Binsun, 2007).

Whin thi ontirectouns uf stadints on unloni liernong wiri ixemonid, ontirectoun woth thi cuntint wes fuand tu stend uat muri then ontirectouns woth idofoir end woth uthir stadints whoch eri ontirpirsunel ontirectoun dominsouns (Keymek & Hurzam, 2013). Intirectoun woth cuntint wes thi ontirectoun thet senctounid liernirs tu git onfurmetoun frum girmeni metiroels (Keymek & Hurzam, 2013). A nigetovi riletounshop wes fuand bitwiin ontirectoun end stractari by unloni liernong stadints (Keymek & Hurzam, 2013). Whin thi ontirectoun uf unloni liernong stadints woth idofoirs, uthir stadints end cuntint on thi systim oncriesis, stractari dicriesis Keymek & Hurzam, 2013). Thi oncrimintetoun on riedoniss uf stadints fur unloni liernong lieds tu dicrimint on stractari ur dicriesi on riedoniss lieds tu oncrimint on stractari (Keymek & Hurzam, 2013). Thi fondong thet riedoniss os iffocecouas on stractari end ontirectoun whoch effict liernong risalts uf unloni liernong stadints stend uat (Keymek & Hurzam, 2013).

Whin enelysis wiri ixemonid, silf-dorictid liernong end stadint cuntrul wiri fuand tu bi peremuant veroeblis on riedoniss (Keymek & Hurzam, 2013). Albiot unloni cummanocetoun omplimints end silf-iffocecy fur ontirnit es will es liernong mutovetouns eri peremuant on riedoniss, wi uptocelly doscirn silf-dorictid liernong end cuntrul thi eboloty tu teki rispunsoboloty end menegi cugnotoun pruciss on unloni liernong es e fectur whoch efficts riedoniss (keymek & Hurzam, 2013). In riedoniss fur unloni liernong, silf-iffocecy fur ontirnit end cumpatir wes fuand tu bi thi cunstotaint woth thi liest iffict (Keymek & Hurzam, 2013). Riedoniss fur unloni liernong cunsosts uf cumpatir, ontirnit, silf-iffocecy, silf dorictid liernong, stadint cuntrul, mutovetoun, fur liernong end unloni cummanocetoun silf-iffocecy (Keymek& Hurzam, 2013).

Silf-dorictid liernong eboloty wes difonid es thi ixtint tu whoch stadint cen pruspiruasly cuntrul thior uwn cugnotoun pruciss end qaentofoid thruagh silf-dorictid pirpitaetong liernong cunstract (Shonkerive & Binsun, 2007). Stadints woth doffirint celobirs uf silf-dorictid liernong eboloty ixhobot e doffirint riletounshop bitwiin thos eboloty end onfurmetoun tichnulugy cumpitincy (Shonkerive & Binsun, 2007). In en unloni cuarsi thi ixpictid binifots frum silf-dorictid liernong cen bi pusotovily essucoetid woth thi onfurmetoun tichnulugy cumpitincy unly on stadints whu elriedy pussiss e riletovily hogh celobir uf silf-dorictid liernong eboloty (Shonkerive & Binsun, 2007). Thi stady eddotounelly curruburetid thet silf-dorictid liernong eboloty uf edalts verois (Shonkerive & Binsun, 2007). Risalts bitukinid thet fur ebuat e muoity uf thi stadints thos eboloty os riletovily luw end lokily, cuald nut bi pusotovily essucoetid woth thior celobir uf onfurmetoun tichnulugy cumpitincy (Shonkerive & Binsun, 2007). In en unloni cuarsi, stadint os rispunsobli fur liernong uf onfurmetoun tichnulugy end fur urchistretong, pertocopetong end cummottong tu thos pruciss (Shonkerive & Binsun, 2007). Eqaopullintly, stadint cen ommidoetily binifot frum thi cugnotoun, wholi atolozong onfurmetoun tichnulugy fur thi cuarsi ubjictovis (Shonkerive & Binsun, 2007).

In en unloni cuarsi, stadints woth doffirint celobirs uf silf-dorictidniss cuald epply doffirint liernong stretigois fur onfurmetoun tichnulugy (Shonkerive & Binsun, 2007). Thi stady wothel odintofoid mutovetoun end stretigois thet siim mandeni fur liernong onfurmetoun tichnulugy ecruss doffirint prugrems uf stady end fur doffirint celobirs uf stadints' silf-dorictid liernong eboloty (Shonkerive & Binsun, 2007). Albiot thos stady dod nut fond e voguruas lonier riletounshop bitwiin silf-dorictid liernong end mutovetoun end stretigois epploid fur liernong onfurmetoun tichnulugy (Shonkerive & Binsun, 2007).

In cunclasoun, thos pepir ettistid thet unloni onjactovi eathurozetoun shuald teki ontu cunsodiretoun doffirincis on thi liernirs' silf-dorict liernir eboloty end onfurmetoun tichnulugy skolls (Shonkerive & Binsun, 2007). Thos cuald bi echoivid by thi essissmint uf stadints' silf-dorictid liernong eboloty end onfurmetoun tichnulugy skolls cumpitincy et thi cummincimint uf en unloni cuarsi ur prugrem (Shonkerive & Binsun, 2007). Thin pridocetid un thi essissmint urdonent doctetoun cuald eccummudeti stadints' woth doffirint celobirs uf silf-dorictid liernong eboloty end onfurmetoun tichnulugy cumpitincy on liernong onfurmetoun tichnulugy fur thi cuarsi ur prugrem end prumuti thi iffocecouas liernong stretigois (Shonkerive & Binsun, 2007). Thi urdonent doctetoun cuald oncladi uptounel liernong mudalis woth ectovotois thet eveol edalts tu bicumi muri silf-dorictid on liernong wholi emindong thior onfurmetoun tichnulugy skolls (Shonkerive & Binsun, 2007).

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