Adult Health Education For Teenagers Essay

Adult Health Education For Teenagers Essay

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Fred Miller
Professor Citro
Perspectives On Drugs
18 September 2014

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Health Education for Teenagers
Health education for teenagers, with an emphasis on tobacco, drug and alcohol education and prevention is extremely important. Health education for teenagers should not be limited just to the teenagers themselves. Parents, caregivers, and or important figures in the teen’s everyday life should also be educated to ensure a strong foundation that can lead to long-term success for the teens, their social networks and communities as a whole.
In order to be effective with communicating with teens about tobacco, drug, and alcohol prevrntion there must be policies in place. These policies must provide a foundation of rules and regulations for dealing with those who are involved in the use of any of the previously mentioned substances. Although most teens spend the majority of their day in school, when they leave they go home to a whole different environment. This is why it is importna t to not just educate the teens, but by educatuing the teens also educate the parents, caregivers,a dn or family members in the home.
When teens are educated regarding the preventing of the use of drugs such as alcohol, tobacco, and others there is some efficacy depending on the individual. When a method known as parental monitoring is deployed the results can be even better. A study done by Clark, Shamblen, Ringwalt, and Hanley detailed the results of parental monitoring being used and the benefits associated with it. The study involved testing the students for alcohol, tobacco, and other drugs right before the program started, right after the program started and once the progr...

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