Adrienne Kennedy's Life and Accomplishments Essay

Adrienne Kennedy's Life and Accomplishments Essay

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Adrienne Kennedy was a very intelligent person. She was born in Pittsburg, Pennsylvania where she lived with her father, Cornell Wallace Hawkins, and her mother, Etta Haugabook Hawkins. When she turned four years old her family moved to Cleveland, Ohio where she was raised in a different, middle-class neighborhood. Her father was the executive secretary of the YMCA and graduated from Morehouse College in Atlanta. Her mother graduated from Spelman College also in Atlanta, and she worked as a teacher.
Cornell and Etta raised their two children in a very polite and encouraging neighborhood. They raised their children to be competitive and full of hope. She was highly gifted and learned to read when she was only three years old.
This helped Adrienne develop to be a woman with high expectations and determination.
When she graduated from high school she was not ready to leave Ohio. She attended Ohio State University, one of the worst colleges with segregation and racial intolerance. This made Kennedy develop a strong hatred for racism and prejudice. After Kennedy graduated f...

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