Adressing the Needs of the Gifted and Talented Students Essays

Adressing the Needs of the Gifted and Talented Students Essays

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The education of the gifted and talented student is often neglected in this country. The neglect is not done on purpose but it is sometimes due to the lack of information on the education of this particular student. Teachers must first understand the gifted and talented student, familiarize themselves on more appropriately educating the student and learn to work with parents, guardians and other teaching professionals to provide for the academic needs of the gifted and talented student.
The Gifted and Talented Student
There can be a great deal of mystery surrounding gifted and talented students. Sometimes they are handled with kid gloves as if they are so fragile that they might break under the weight of the slightest challenge. Other times, they are treated as freaks or aliens who are unable to relate to their regular classroom peers. It is the job of teachers to accurately screen and place students into gifted and talented programs, and to provide curriculum to encourage student development.
Even the student who is labeled as gifted and talented has a difficult time defining himself. His tastes in almost everything from music, movies, literature and hobbies are often more mature than his peers. He feels misunderstood and is often times picked on by classmates. The gifted and talented student feels the burden of keeping in touch with the social aspects of being a student while maintaining his academic focus.
According to the No Child Left Behind Act of 2002, the term “Gifted and Talented”… means "students, children or youth who give evidence of high achievement in areas such as intellectual, creative, artistic or leadership capacity or in specific academic fields, and who need services or activities not ordinarily p...

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...reativity and providing challenging curriculum, teachers can help these gifted and talented students maintain success and feel validated and normal, which is how all students want to feel.

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