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Adoption Vs. Foster Care Essays

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Many women who carry unexpected or unwanted children are left to decide between keeping the child, adoption, abortion and maybe foster care. Most of the time the decision is just between adoption and abortion. In that case, the mother is losing the child either way. Most of the time choosing adoption or foster care would be a better choice than abortion because the pregnancy would end by giving life instead of death. Adoption and foster care are an opportunity for people who wish to be parents, but are not able to have a child of their own to finally become parents or people who have children of their own, but want to add-on to their family.

It’s also an opportunity for mothers who feel that they cannot care for their child the way they want to and give the child away so it can have what the birth parents believe to be a different/better life. Adoption has offered many children a loving and caring home. But the same love and care that children adopted directly from their birth parents receive is needed for many children in foster care. Many people don 't want their child in foster care, choose to adopt from foster care, or become foster parents because people believe that there are problems with the foster care system and it needs to be improved. More people should adopt from foster care, put their child in foster care to be adopted or become foster parents and this can be done by improving the foster care system and changing people 's views on foster care. It would not only offer the child with many benefits, but also offer the adoptive parents and foster parents with benefits as well.

Many children who are currently in foster care are in need of loving and caring homes. They need a place where they can grow and develop phys...

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...en birth voluntarily place a child into foster care adoption it gives them more time to change their minds if they want to. Becoming a foster parent and opening your home to children in need helps save children from the abuse and neglect they may have received from the birth parents and foster group homes. Adopting from foster care will allow the child to have a “forever home”, a place that is stable, permanent and different from moving from home to home in the foster care system. Doing these things for these children will not only change your life but the children 's life as well. To get more people to do these things the way people see foster care has to change because these children are not messed up, the system is not as complicated as it may seem, and most likely you get your heart broken because the child will not be able to return to their biological parents.

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