Essay about The Adoption Of Wireless Local Area Networks

Essay about The Adoption Of Wireless Local Area Networks

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The adoption of Wireless Local Area Networks (LANs) provides a number of benefits to individuals, small businesses and large firms. These benefits can come in the form of cost advantage, increased productivity, convenience and so on. Originally designed to provide flexibility and ease of access, Wireless LANs have now become a staple when individuals and organizations are implementing a network. This is not a surprise as the benefits provided by Wireless LANs can prove to be impactful, especially for organizations, as it removes certain restrictions that might be in place with traditional Local Area Networks (LANs). For this reason, companies are likely to implement a combination of switched network and Wireless LAN. As a result, they are able cover some of the shortcomings of switched networks with the use of Wireless LAN. However, Wireless LAN is susceptible to a plethora of threats and security issues. Due to the nature of its design, which is meant to maximize flexibility and encourage simplicity, Wireless LANs are dangerous and are often considered easy targets by attackers.
Perhaps the primary reason Wireless LANs face more threats and security issues than switched networks lies in its fundamental method of communication; radio transmission. Radio transmissions are more easily read, infiltrated and/or manipulated. This inherent vulnerability opens up Wireless LANs to threats that come in different forms. Attacks can be external and come at the hands of drive-by hackers and war drivers who aim to intercept the transmission between an access point and a wireless client. They can also be initiated internally with the creation of rogue access points that have minimal security and as a result are capable of rendering ...

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... wireless LANs threats. An IDS provides continues monitoring and protection against all wireless LAN attack signatures, anomalies, policy violations and so on. This is a proactive way of dealing with wireless LAN security issues.
Although wireless LAN management is not expected to provide comprehensive security solutions, some of the new industry management methodologies employed are able to provide effective management and security. Remote management tools in the industry today are able to provide management in the form of access point monitoring, transmission quality monitoring, remote access point adjustment and so on. These tools also provide security by detecting rogue access points, evil twin access points and poorly configured access points. This new management approach provides cost cutting advantages, network visibility as well as network security.

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