Essay on Adoption Is A Solution That Will Help Find The Children A Great Home

Essay on Adoption Is A Solution That Will Help Find The Children A Great Home

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Adoption has been around for many years, and recently gay adoption has been asked by many people. There are many children in the world that need somebody, but there is not enough families or parents to take them in. There aren’t that many families who can and will adopt children. Some families can’t support them, they have children of their own that they need to support, or they just don’t want children. Gay adoption is a solution that will help find the children a great home. There are many openly gay couples that will love to adopt children. Its’s still illegal for homosexual couples to adopt children in some areas of the U.S, let alone the world. Across our country, and in other countries, there are children awaiting adoption and eager parents who would like to welcome those children into their homes, but are banned from doing so. These parents have done nothing wrong and possess the same skills and resources as other potential parents, and yet they are not allowed to give a child everything he or she needs, love, protection, and security. So, these potential parents shouldn’t be banned from adopting children (Watson). Adoption to gay couples should be legalized everywhere because anyone who can meet the requirements of being a loving parent deserves to become a parent, despite their sexual preferences and many kids would be grateful to have two loving parents (Watson).
There are many openly gay parents who wish that the gay adoption banned will be lifted. There are many reason why gay adoption is banned and why people object to it. Some people like Bill Maier, a child psychologist working with the conservative Focus on the Family, would say, “Children in foster care ‘are already scarred’ by abuse and neglect, we would want to ...

... middle of paper ... to adopt everywhere will open so many more doors. Children in foster care will have a higher chance at a permanent home, and gays will have the rights to be parents given back to them, something that should have never been taken away in the first place.
Ultimately, the legalization of gay adoption everywhere would benefit our society, having loving homes in which orphaned children can go to is a blessing for both the child and the parents (Watson). Children wouldn’t be harmfully affected growing up with homosexual parents; they would be more than likely to be grateful to have a family. Anyone who can raise a child in a loving and secure home and most importantly, wants a child, deserves to become a parent. They should not be denied the pleasure of raising a child. Gay adoption is a positive solution to the number of children that go each year without a loving h

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