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Adoption Agency And Birth Parents Essay examples

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The sound of an infant crying in the night, the ripe smell of a dirty diaper, and the countless spit up stains on your favorite shirt are a few reasons couples may decide raising children is just not for them. However, many couples that cannot have children together long to cradle an infant in their arms and rock them back to sleep, or even change a toddler’s diaper, so they can get back to exploring all the new things of their world. A few of these couples that can’t have children of their own give up, some others turn to surrogates, and many look to adoption. There are a few questions you must ask yourself when looking to adopt; are you ready for a lifelong commitment, are you prepared to endure the lengthy process of adoption, and do you meet the qualifications to adopt a child? The last question is where a lot of couples, especially same-sex, have to stop and begin their research of adoption. Depending on the adoption agency and birth parents, some gay couples are either ruled out automatically or not allowed to adopt at certain agencies. While this has become less of a problem in the US after the supreme court decision to legalize gay marriage, there are parts of the world where same-sex adoption is not an option. Same sex couples should be given the same rights as opposite sex couples in adopting children and raising a family.
Same-sex couples gained the right to marry and have their marriage recognized throughout the United States in June of 2015 through the case Obergefell vs. Hodges. While it is a great achievement for the LGBTQ+ community in itself, it has lead the way, slowly but surely, for other rights that naturally come with marriage. One of these is the right to be the legal parents or guardians of children, and...

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... looking to share their love and create a bond as a family no matter each other’s biological or background differences. It has been decided in the United States Supreme Court that marriage is a right open to everyone. Along with the right to marriage comes the right to have a family which became law in all 50 states this year as well when Mississippi gave gay couples the right to petition for adoption. These rights to show love through marriage and family should be recognized universally, but that is most definitely not the present case. Globally, there are people restricted, shamed, and discriminated against for simply trying to spread positivity and love even in places, such as the United States, where laws are supposed to protect these individuals. All couples, gay or straight, should be given the same rights and respect in adopting children and raising a family.

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