Adopt Vegetarianism

Adopt Vegetarianism

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People choose vegetarianism as a lifestyle, diet and trend, and for religious purposes. In the US vegetarianism has only started growing about 20 years ago, this has caused lots of false information to travel around that eventually clouds people’s opinion about being a vegetarian. For instance people don’t believe that a vegetarian diet is as healthy as a diet with meat, but people can get all their nutrients from a diet that doesn’t include eggs and meat. If people don’t the truth about vegetarianism how can they have a valid opinion? It’s not just a diet it’s a healthy lifestyle. The real fact is people who adopt vegetarianism will find that it’s the easiest and most practical way to save the environment, end world hunger, and live healthy.
Ever wondered how much water, preparing one pound of meat wastes, Marcia Kreith did a study in 1991 to compare how much water it takes to prepare different food, the results showed that eating a vegetarian diet saves water. Approximately 2500 gallons of water is consumed when preparing one pound of beef, but it only takes 220 gallons to produce one pound of tofu. If people prepared or ordered more vegetarian meals more often, they would save 1000 gallons of water per pound of food. This shows how much one person can do to reduce water wastage around the world.
Most livestock and poultry are overfed and lots of food is wasted by feeding these animals every year. What people don’t realize it that 10 pounds of planted protein are used to produce one pound of beef protein (Fiala, 2009.) If more people were vegetarian less livestock would be needed and all this food could be used to feed millions of hungry people around the world. Even if the food doesn’t reach people who are suffering, the prices of food would eventually fall and make food more affordable for the poor. With personal experience, India has the most vegetarians in the world and is one of the cheapest countries for food and water. This may take a numerous of vegetarians to work but it’s one of the best option we have to help those who are suffering.
Nathan Fiala (2009) also studied the effects of producing meat to the emission of green house gases (carbon dioxide and methane are released into the air). His study concluded that producing the annual amount of beef an average American consumes, emits as much green house gas as a car driven over 1800 miles.

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Even the UNEP (United Nations Environment Programme, 2010) said that people should take steps to reduce the world’s carbon footprint by discontinuing meat products in daily diets. Adopting vegetarianism will create an example for the next generation to live better and care for the environment. This option is not only sustainable but also cost effective, since vegetables cost far less than meat. Adopting vegetarianism can ensure better lives for the next generation while saving money.
Another myth people seem to believe in is that plants feel pain thus making this diet no better than any other. According to science, plants don’t have hearts and a nervous system so they can’t feel pain, but animals can and thousands of animals have been slaughtered everyday just to satisfy the taste buds on people’s tongues. Paul and Linda McCartney once said “If a slaughter house had glass walls, everyone would be vegetarian.”
People started adopting vegetarianism because they don’t want animals to suffer, save the environment but most adopt vegetarianism because they want to stay fit and eat healthy. Believe it or not vegetarian diets are as healthy if not; healthier than a diet that includes meat and eggs (ADA, 2009.) A vegetarian diet can provide all the nutrients for best health including all ten essential proteins (amino acids) (Pellett and Young, 1994.) Yes, there have been cases where people who are vegetarian are not as healthy as people who include meat in their diets. This is only because every diet needs to eaten right, it should be balanced well. If a vegetarian diet is balanced people can grow and build healthier bones compared to other diets because vegetarians are able to absorb more calcium compared to a diet containing meat. Meat also contains high levels of acid which the body will need to neutralize using calcium from the bones. This calcium eventually gets flushed out of the body reducing the calcium content in the bones (PCRM, 2010.)
Studies also show that a vegetarian diet reduces the chances of getting heart disease, rectal cancer, colon cancer and type two diabetes. (Lindbloom, 2009), (Sesink, & Termont, 1999). The health benefits of being a vegetarian is endless some people even say that people would live longer lives if we were vegetarians. If people are changing their diet to a vegetarian diet they e don’t find it as hard as thought because there are so many products and restaurants that now offer vegetarian food.
No individual would believe that all the environmental and economical problems will be solved when they adopt vegetarianism, but the thing is if one individual starts people will follow, which will eventually reduce world hunger, save the planet, and improve our health. Yes, it is a slow process but there are already 9 936 000 people in America who have adopted vegetarianism (that’s 3.2%). Every person counts and it’s their choice to live better every day.

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