Essay on Adolf Hitler

Essay on Adolf Hitler

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“We shall not capitulate—no, never. We may be destroyed, but if we are, we shall drag a world with us—a world in flames.” The man who uttered these words was the same man who led Nazi Germany—Adolph Hitler. The question that is proposed, however, is not who the leader was, but “What causes such a mentality as this, what causes a presupposition that is spoken with such aplomb?”. In order for humanity to grow as a society, humanity must think, it must not judge, and it must understand. This doctrine should be applied in all things that are done, but especially here; one cannot prevent something one does not assimilate. Society may simply dub people as “monstrous”, “malevolent”, “repugnant”, or even “demon possessed,” but those are words for the foolish, the uneducated. It is basic nature to fear what one cannot, or will not, understand, but, it is vitally important that society tries to understand Adolph Hitler as a human being, not a monster, and prevent cases like him from arising in the future. If measures are to be taken to help those suffering from mental illness, they must be taken now. The main reason for people not getting the help they need is fear, the fear of becoming a social outcast, the fear of being labeled as “insane”, “evil”, or even, “demon possessed”.
Primarily, the ‘Father’ figure is a vitally important figure in the life of a boy. When this figure is not consistent, not there, or simply apathetic towards the child, it has an extreme impact that not even the Father himself can comprehend. Adolph’s father, Alois Hitler, was a drunkard; he frequented the bars of Braunau am Inn, the town in which Adolph spent his childhood. Because of his drinking habit, Alois beat Adolph’s mother, Klara Hitler. As most any mothe...

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...esented is not “What causes such a mentality as this, what causes a presupposition that is spoken with such confidence?”, but it is “What can both reader and author, even society as a whole, do to prevent such an unspeakable act from happening again?” after all, who’s can say that it won’t?

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