Essay on Adolf Hitler And The Second Reich

Essay on Adolf Hitler And The Second Reich

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In World War II, Adolf Hitler took over a regime named “The Third Reich.” Hitler and supporters became people whom chose the fate, treatment, and punishment of the Jewish people. In the context of Nazism, it will entail the atrocities and shameless acts made upon these victims. The Jewish people were forced to such atrocious acts of violence that many people today do not believe it once happened.

The Third Reich began a belief that there was subhuman and superiority races. A race is defined as “a group of persons related by common descent or heredity.” ( Adolf Hitler and his regime were German; his victims were of Jewish population. Hitler strongly believed Jews should be liquidated and Aryan race excel. Aryan’s resembled of a tall blonde/brown hair, colored eyes, white complexion, and of no Jewish heritage. The Reich began their exterminations of genocide, experimentation, and dehumanization of Jewish people in hopes to bring the superior race at an all-time high.

Hitler began segregating his victims by establishing Jew laws and regulations. He started a group in 1926 named “Hitler’s Youth” which were children 18 and under to complete in sport rallies along with marches. The Jewish population were banned from participating, due them being against their ideology. By 1938, all Austrian Jewish organizations and people were evacuated from their homes as regulation. The Schutzstaffel "Shield Squadron" aka S.S army took over the habitations. They kept any items of value and made themselves feel at home. S.S. army began humiliating them and beating their victims, sometimes killing without probable cause. Many Jews lost their jobs, homes, family members (killings) and unfortu...

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...e worst case of dehumanization having ever occurred in the world.
Adolf Hitler started off as a reject of an art school to being guilty of an estimate of six million Jews. The army that followed this particular individual put fear into the eyes of many human beings. Not only to those whose fate was cut short, but to the victims of the survivors. Many family lines were cut short due to this person. As an individual it is one’s responsibility to put forth the facts and have these victims remembered as a person not as whole. Each life that was ended was a person. In our generation it is easy to say six million Jews died and eleven million died in total. WE don’t see the severity of that number because it happen many years ago
and it is just a statistic in our eyes. We see the facts and the pictures, but we do not see the person for the soul they once were, but a number

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