Adolf Hitler And Joseph Stalin Essay

Adolf Hitler And Joseph Stalin Essay

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Adolph Hitler and Joseph Stalin were both atrocious people because of what they did, but despite that, they accomplished a great deal of achievements. Accomplishments put aside, I think that Joseph Stalin was worse than Hitler. They both worked hard to get to what they were back in the time of their rule. They both committed endless crimes against humanity, but they accomplished most of what they did with incredible military might and willpower.
The upbringing of Hitler and Stalin were both very different because of the circumstances they were succumbed to. Hitler was born in Austria while Stalin was born in a USSR province. Hitler never changed his name, although there are different spellings, but Stalin’s name used to be Ioseb Besarionis dze Jughashvili. That was Stalin’s name until later on when he changed it to Joseph Stalin. Hitler was born 4/20/1889 while Stalin was born about 11 years before that on 12/18/1878. Both men wrote although the writings were different. Hitler published Mein Kampf (My Struggles) while he was in jail, while Stalin wrote poems and published propaganda....

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