Adolf Hitler And Fidel Castro Essay

Adolf Hitler And Fidel Castro Essay

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Adolf Hitler and Fidel Castro have lots of similarities and differences. For example they both used the weakness of their enemies, propaganda and sense of nationalism. They also have differences such as Castro came into power with a revolution while Hitler didn’t. Hitler was part of Nazi Party while Castro didn’t have a party. It was just him and his supporters. On their rise to power both Hitler and Castro used the weakness of their opponents. For Hitler it was the Weimar Government and for Castro it was Batista. Batista was seen as an American puppet as he made an agreement with the US which stated that he would protect US business interests when he comes to power. This situation though calls for the comparison of the policies implemented by Hitler and Castro to determine to what extent they followed the same system or deviated.
When looking at the main policies of Fidel Castro and Adolf Hitler we can see that both of these men in their ways were focused on improving the state of their respective countries. Economically Castro’s goal always was to make Cuba a country in itself. All of the policies formed were with the revolution and what it stood for in mind but economically he was brought down by the US trade embargo because it meant he was unable to have new goods like cars shipped into the country. Thus keeping Cuba for the longest time as a poor country. Hitler focused economically on 4 main concepts and plans11, the first being the belief that everyone should have a job. By 1939, there was almost 0 unemployment in Germany. The second was that the Nazis set up the a program focusing on what they called “the Beauty of Work” to help Germans see that work was good, and that everyone who could work should. It was the most man...

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... no matter how absurd they appeared to be. It was evident that working against the party, or even being perceived as a potential threat would lead to prison or worse (the Night of the Long Knives for example). Through careful coercion, manipulation and misleading information the authorities could, and did, do as they pleased as the people either knew nothing about actions being taken or were too afraid to speak out about them.
Fidel Castro and Adolf Hitler both were dictators who ruled over their countries with force and who instilled major policies but with different results. For Adolf Hitler his policies focused on alienation and eventual overall domination while Castro was focused on helping the people of Cuba survive. It stands as a measure to understand that just because all dictators might rule with an iron fist, it doesn’t some of them don’t have soft hearts.

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