Adolescents Who Intentionally Injure Themselves Essay

Adolescents Who Intentionally Injure Themselves Essay

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Adolescents who intentionally injure themselves
Non-suicidal self-injury (NSSI) has become a growing problem in middle and high schools, however, there are very few resources for teachers or administrators to deal with this issue. 13 to 26% of students between the ages of 13 and 20 have attempted self-injury. Not only are at-risk students affected, but also African-Americana boys have a higher rate of self-injurious behaviors. NSSI consists of cuts or burns on arms, legs, abdomens, or the bottom of feet. Severe cases of NSSI have injuries around the eye or neck.
The article suggests that educators improve student’s attitudes about asking for help and that we need to promote NSSI behavior so students know how to respond to friends that confess in NSSI. Currently there is a discomfort level in discussing NSSI with peers and most students avoid the issue because they are not sure what to do. Therefore, schools need training and development for students and staff on how to handle issues that lead to self-destructive behavior. Teachers or school nurses are often the first to notice this behavior so they will need to training to handle this issue appropriately.
I remember hearing about “cutting” as they called in when I was in school. I ended up having a roommate at Baylor that started doing this to deal with problems that he was working through, unsuccessfully. My other roommate and I had to be delicate about the situation with the school and his parents because we wanted him to get help, but did not want to lose his trust either. I can imagine this would be difficult as a teacher to find this out and deal with it. First off, it is heartbreaking. Second, you are going to have to talk to the administr...

... middle of paper ... going to handle the grants and funding.
This seems like an interesting way to help students that are at-risk; however, there seems to be a number of possible pitfalls to the programs especially since it is so dependent on the community. If you do not have buy in from the area on this program then it is going to fail and the government is not going to provide another grant for you to try again. I think it is going to be hard for the City of Austin to determine what neighborhood they are going to use to start the program again because it has to be one that is going to do their best to keep the program afloat. Nonetheless, I think the concept is a good one. Keep the community involved in the success of their children and employee the community members to help the effort. It is an easy setup for getting everyone involved in turning something around.

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