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Gender is a determinant of health relevant to adolescent mothers as they are at risk for repeat pregnancies and at a higher risk for STIs if she is sexually active (Aujoulat et al, 2010). Repeat pregnancies for adolescent mothers is a common concern identified in the literature (Aujoulat et al., Chablani and Spinney, 2011, and Stiles, 2010). This is the rational for most interventions for adolescent mothers to include comprehensive healthcare,including contraception counseling and education.
Interventions and Strategies identified in the literature
Researchers have worked to identify strategies to engage and improve the health status of adolescent mothers. Strategies in the literature focus on increasing education, social support, and personal coping. An overall theme identified in these various strategies is the importance of engagement and the influence of the relationship between the health care worker and the client. Nevertheless, the literature search did not find any interventions that worked to improve income and social status, nor directly address the concern of ineffective parenting skills.
Circle of Care Project
Chablani and Spinney focused the Circle of Care (COC)project as a means to identify and engage high-risk adolescent parents(2011). COC is a partnership between the community-based organization Roca and the Massachusetts General hospital. For this project, researchers focused on adolescent mothers who do not have a stable home environment, such as those who are members of gangs, or have justice system involvement, as these situations lead to a high risk of unhealthy behaviours and negative parenting outcomes(Chablani & Spinney, 2011). This client group is typically excluded from parenting programs....

... middle of paper ... of this program is that it lessened depressive symptoms after 12 weeks. The multidisciplinary approach brings multiple perspectives to the support adolescent mothers will receive. Although it seems to work in the short-term,the results of Brown et al’s 2007 study demonstrates that this program does not work in the long term for adolescent mothers. The study did determine that higher social support was associated with fewer depressive symptoms, a significant health concern for adolescent mothers(Brown et al, 2007). The
Provincial and local interventions and strategies
The community of Saint John and Province of New Brunswick provide minimal resources to adolescent mothers. A search for community programs specifically designed for adolescent mothers produced only three:Early Childhood Initiatives, Young Mother’s Support group and First Steps Housing Project.

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