Essay on Adolescent Development And Criminal Behavior

Essay on Adolescent Development And Criminal Behavior

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Adolescent Development and Criminal Behavior

Abstract: Adolescence is a time of hormonal imbalances and drastic shifts within a youth’s life. One of these shifts tends to be delinquent behaviors. Many studies have examined the factors influencing the pull towards criminal behavior and it has been found that there are many environmental factors and mental factors that have contributing factor in this time of life. These factors include peer relationships, social standing, economic level and neurological imbalances. What is concluded is that if these variables have a negative impact on an adolescent, then criminal behavior is sure to follow. However, there are many ways that these negatives can be changed into a positive if addressed in the right way.

It has been studied and concluded that there is a spike in criminal behavior during the time of adolescence. Although it dwindles as youths age, it is important to identify the possible causes that becomes the source of criminal behavior in teens. Notice how the word causes was used instead of cause. That is because there is no single cause of criminal behavior during adolescent development. There are multiple variables working together to cause the adolescent to go down the path of criminal behavior. Some of these variables include childhood precursors; mental health; academic success; his/her involvement in sports/physical activity; gang presence; family life; etc. This paper will discuss these variables, along with others, based on studies that have taken place over the past couple of years. It will then continue to discuss how interventionists can use these elements to decrease the delinquency.
There are many forms of criminal behavior that can be observed. One o...

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... with parents, income, peer interaction, mental stability and neurological factors. Notice how through each of the studies mentioned these factors emerge in one-way or another. Each of these studies have analyzed and conducted studies around many variables or just one variable that influences delinquent behavior during adolescents. The studies conducted may be considered different, but the conclusion is the same. If the variable has a negative affect on the adolescent, it induces criminal behavior. When the variable stays negative, so does the behavior, but if the variables move towards a positive effect, then adolescents shift towards less criminal behavior. What are these variables? These variables are everyday factors in adolescents’ live. So in conclusion, it is the variables in the environment of the adolescent effect the adolescent’s criminal behavior.

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