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Adolescent Depresssion Essay

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“Real depression isn't being sad when something in your life goes wrong. Real depression is being sad when everything in your life is going right" (Kevin Breel). For nineteen-year-old Kevin Breel, this is what his life consisted of. Kevin lead a double life. The world saw a popular, enthusiastic star basketball player who laughed constantly, while he was seeing the truth; he was tortured by intense pain that kept thriving. Over 121 million people worldwide struggle with depression (Carroll). Adolescent depression is a growing problem in today’s society and is often a major contributing factor for a multitude of teenage problems.
Adolescent despondency affects the way an individual sleeps, eats, the way they feel about themselves and those around them (“Side Effects of Untreated Depression”). This particular mental disease changes the outlook on a teenager’s view on themselves, loved ones, and their surroundings. Depression can be a responsive action to certain situations, such as emotional trauma, and stress. It can have devastating, and in some cases, life threatening, effects on younger members of society. Due to the fact that normal, unaffected teenagers naturally have fluctuating moods, it is much more difficult to diagnose depression at this age.
There are two types of depression: major depression and dyshymia. Major depression, or clinical depression, lasts in shorter intervals; these episodes last minimuly two weeks and can occur multiple times throughout a human being's lifetime. This specific type of depression usually occurs after the child had been introduced to a traumatic event. The second type of depression, dysthymia, is less lethal than major depression. However, dysthymia is a chronic form of depres...

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