Essay about Adolescent Depression And Its Effects On The Development Of Depression

Essay about Adolescent Depression And Its Effects On The Development Of Depression

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Adolescent depression is very similar to adult depression, but can be greatly encouraged by the hormonal changes that are occurring during the onset and duration of puberty. The most notable difference between adult and juvenile depression is that adolescents may appear to have a more irritable demeanor, instead of actually appearing to be in a depressive state. A depressive episode is defined as experiencing two or more weeks in a depressed state or loss of interest in pleasurable activity combined with other symptoms that denote a change in functioning, such as sleep, eating, concentration, or energy (NIMH 2015). Depression is caused by chemical imbalances in the brain that may be relative to serotonin production (either overproduction or inefficient production) sometimes relative to overproduction of cortisol for extended periods (Cowen 2002).
Genetics can play a large role in the development of depression in adolescents. Other triggers for a depressive episode could include, but are not limited to: psychosocial stressors, interplay between genetics and environment, general feelings of inadequacy, neurotransmitter issues and/or any combination of these (Thapar et al. 2012).
Juvenile depression has a large variance in prevalence. Children who are under the age of 12, generally, have not entered into the pubescent age and are less likely to be afflicted by depressive episodes. However, from the ages of 12-17 approximately 11.4% of the US population (2.8 million) of adolescents had a depressive episode in 2014, with females being over 3 times more likely to experience depression (NIMH 2015). Additionally, depression was more prevalent if the adolescent had other impairments that interfered with the ability of being able t...

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...ould have still done the activity of having them blindfolded and adding sand to milk jugs to simulate the effects of different stages of depression. This activity would have helped open up the girl’s eyes on how serious the condition of depression is and that it isn’t an uncommon condition to have and be able to live with. Also it would have given them insight to know what the feelings of depression are and how to recognize them in order to receive the assistance they need. However, our group still stayed and assisted with the GEMS event and did very well at assisting and interacting with the girls that participated in the activities we helped with. We made the events we helped with a more enjoyable experience for the girls and hopefully they are more confident in going towards a field in Math, Science and Engineering after participating in the activities.

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