Adolescent Aspirations : Occupational And Educational Goals Essay

Adolescent Aspirations : Occupational And Educational Goals Essay

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The latter of the two studies (Vuolo, Staff & Mortimer, 2012) mentioned in the large body of recent research related to adolescent aspirations suggests occupational and educational goals may be equally important in ensuring successful STW transition (Vuolo, Staff & Mortimer, 2012). Hierarchal latent class modeling was used to measure career goal certainty, educational aspirations and job search patterns from 1,010 youth surveys. Overall findings of the study claim that those who maintain high aspirations and certainty over career goals were better safeguarded against unemployment during the declining labor market conditions indicative of the 2007 economic recession.
Loss of Education-Related Support
The baseline survey and post-graduation follow-up interviews of forty career and technical education high school graduates identified “loss of education-related support” as a substantial barrier to the STW transition (Packard, Leach, Ruiz, Nelson & DiCocco, 2012). Though focused on the participants’ flexibility in the face of barriers versus the actual barriers themselves, this finding is significant because it substantiates the minority youth work of Riesen, Morgan, Schiltz and Kupferman (2014) in a more generalized student population. The loss of education-related support was reported by a staggering 65% of respondents. It is safe to conclude that number may have been higher, except 30% of the participants had no career or educationally related support at the time of graduation (Packard, et al., 2012). That is to say that all of the participants who had the support prior to graduation noted its loss after graduation as a barrier to their STW transition. Further investigation through teacher and school counselor interviews r...

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...nowledge/skills needed to succeed in the workplace was reported by 71% of participants, second only to poverty at 86%.
The study (Wentling & Waite, 2000) further identified 28 school initiatives that are most likely to assist and support minority youth in the STW transition. The design and implementation of an integrated and relevant curriculum were cited by 100% of respondents. In rank order, training for school personnel was the second most frequently reported initiative by 71% of respondents, and mentoring for youth minority third with 67%. All initiatives were categorized into either (1) school initiatives or (2) workplace initiatives. These initiatives “can improve the employment prospects of minority youth who are making the transition into the workplace and provide them with better opportunities for advancement” according to study participants (p. 72).

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