Adolescence Is The Development Transition Between Childhood And Adulthood

Adolescence Is The Development Transition Between Childhood And Adulthood

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Adolescence is the development transition between childhood and adulthood entailing major physical, cognitive, and psychosocial changes (Papalia and Feldman 2012). Adolescence is another word stating that you are growing up and making your life towards being an adult and leaving some childish things behind. For my life, I started adolescence early; I thought it was just my maturity but my parents thought otherwise. I began developing at the age of 10 years old. I was reaching towards my adolescence growth spurt around the same time, I was diagnosed with diabetes. Adolescence growth spurt is a sharp increase in height and weight that precedes sexual maturity (Papalia and Feldman 2012). I was the tallest and biggest girl in my class in elementary. I thought it was weird being taller than the guys because I believe that guys would develop and mature before girls but guys started puberty in middle school.
At the age of 10, I began my growth spurt as adolescence. I started my menstruation and was diagnosed as a diabetic. I freaked out but my mother and sisters told me I was completely normal. At 10 years old, I was not treated as adolescence. I believe at the age of twelve, I started taking care of my younger cousin and became a babysitter. In between age 12 and 16, I fully develop puberty. Puberty is the process by which a person attains sexual maturity and the ability to reproduce (Papalia and Feldman 2012). My mother believed I was developing faster than other girls my age because my sister started at twelve and I started at 10 but she believe it was my diabetes medicine that made me mature quickly. I remember becoming a full time adolescence in high school, I never went on a date or engage in sexual activities like other student...

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...e, going to school full time, and babysitting. I see my life as boring without any social activities as they would see it as me being overwhelmed. In my mind, I believe my family would describe me as a lovable and caring individual who helps out when possible. I did hear a phone conversation between my mother and her friend and she was describing my sisters and me. I overheard her say that I am the responsible one who do not mind helping out around the house or help paying bills. She also stated that I would one day be fitted to be a house wife to a wonderful husband as soon as she finds me a man. I thought was sweet of my mother to say about me although I laughed at the husband part as I tell my family a husband will come in due time. I believe my parents want to see me happy and doing what makes me happy. They want to be around long enough to see me be successful.

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