Admissions Essay for Postgraduate Study at The University of Durham

Admissions Essay for Postgraduate Study at The University of Durham

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I am an international student from China who is going to graduate from Birmingham City University with a degree in Computing Business E-Systems and Technology. This is a personal statement on applying for the postgraduate study at the University of Durham.

To achieve a master degree is a goal in my life plan, when I decided to study bachelor's degree in the U.K. During two years of academic study of computer science in Birmingham City University, I enjoyed the British approach to education. It offers an opportunity for students to implement their plan, develop their interest and discover their strengths and weaknesses. In Birmingham City University, I have learnt what I am required to do and I am interested in the field of Information System Development.

My interest in Information System Development is increased, when I excelled in requirements analysis on Information Systems Development. I gained database technique in the courses ‘Database for Business’ and ‘Database Architecture and Administration’ and researched theoretical basis for Information System Development Methodolo...

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