Essay on Admiration of Nature Through Art

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The Admiration of Nature Through Art

Art can be regarded as one of the greatest pastimes. From the several finger paintings of the family created in Kindergarten to the priceless paintings and artifacts found in the Louvre, art is appreciated by all. In Lamen’s terms, art can be defined as a way of expressing oneself. Although many people consider art to consist of paintings and drawings the variety of subjects under this heading are numerous. Some include sculptures, music, and even photography. However, of all these, paintings are regarded as some of the most common inner expressions. Inner expressions range from love to grief, but a specific example is respect for nature. These images enable one to exercise the imagination in ways daily life is not capable. A good painting will allow one to dream into a world unlike their own, feel the terror, or serenity. Also by simply looking at a painting, one can tell about the feelings of the artist at that time. It is rare to not see a depiction of some natural landscape. With their talent, artists express their love and respect for nature through the simple brush strokes. Two paintings represent this fact. One entitled Port of Ostia During a Tempest, by Leonardo Carlo Coccorante, is a depiction of a violent storm. The second painting by Sanford Glifford, entitled Kaaterskill Falls, is a more subtle painting of a valley. This expression has been seen from the beginning of man, when he first drew on the walls of caves hoping to extract the souls from the animals, throughout the course of history.
Coccorante created Port of Ostia During a Tempest during the 1800’s. This time period known as Impressionism was when artists began to drift from the strict rules of painting and look towa...

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...nt it in their drawings. Coccorante’s Port of Ostia During a Tempest, and Glifford’s Kaaterskill Falls, although different, relate in that they were inspired by true events witnessed in nature.

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