The Administrator And Administrative Staff Essay

The Administrator And Administrative Staff Essay

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Administrative interviews. The administrator and administrative support interviews were conducted first due to a high level of trust and the accessibility of the administrative staff. The interviews were conducted one-on-one and the researcher was careful to avoid letting the other administrative participants know what had already been discussed.
The researcher followed the interview protocol and order of questions presented. The administrative staff provided consistent answers regarding their perceptions of parent involvement in the Oilton School District. Questions one and two asked participants their views on what was considered to be appropriate levels of parent involvement in both the middle school and high school. The administrative team consistently responded by saying, “Any and all parent involvement is appropriate.” The administrative team expressed that frequent, ongoing communication, visibility, and involvement was appropriate involvement at the middle school and high school. The administrative staff also said that if students were performing low academically, parent levels of involvement should be increased in order to ensure students’ academic success. The administrative support staff members often referred to themselves as a the first point of contact with parents and commented that based on their personal observations, parents aren’t as involved as they need to be, in the support staff’s opinion, due to visible education gaps and low education attainment on the part of the parent.
During the interview process, when responding to questions that asked how the school district can encourage greater parent involvement, the administrative team agreed that the district needed to increase opportunities for parents to becom...

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... highest educational attainment for a significant percentage of parents in the district was a high school diploma.
The second identified barrier in the district was psychological barriers. Several of the administrators mentioned that parents seemed to be intimidated and almost fearful of becoming involved. EP, administrative secretary, stated, “I think in our community parents are intimidated and don’t feel intelligent enough.” The second factor identified and associated as a psychological barrier was parents feeling inadequate. Mrs. TH, elementary secretary, stated, “I think some parents are intimidated; maybe they don’t have the education that they feel they should have to be able to help the student.” The administrative interviews helped establish the groundwork for future interviews as well as expectations for interviews regarding the teacher and parent groups.

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The Administrator And Administrative Staff Essay

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