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Administrative Role in Modern Athletics Essays

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Administrative Role in Modern Athletics
The popularity of sports and the increasing number of individuals participating has grown steadily over the past four decades. In high school sports alone, there has been over a 50% increase in total participants between male and female athletes combined from 1971 to 2009 (Masteralexis, 2012). With this type of hyper growth and popularity, organized athletics presents challenges in the ability manage, administer, and develop proper personal to create successful sport programs. Participating in organized athletics can and should be a positive experience but is very dependent on those individuals that are leading. Depending on the size of the organization, the leader may be the athletic director, coach, administrator, and equipment manager. For those athletic departments with profitable budgets each of those positions might be held by one individual. Therefore, it is imperative that sporting programs that desire to succeed must be well organized, have mature coaches, be fiscally responsible, have supportive staff and parents, a written policy, and be effective in communicating the objectives, goals, and mission.
Tools of Success
In the traditional sense, a leader is someone that holds a position or title within an organization. The speed of growth of the organization rises or falls on the guidance of this leader (Maxwell, 2005). In the case of an athletic director, there are many students and coaches that are dependent that he or she makes the right choices in developing a successful physical education and athletic program. The strengths of and athletic director may differ from one school to the next. There are at least six major areas that need to be focused on by an athletic dir...

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...earning, LLC.
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