Administrative Breakdown And Managerial Disorganization Essay

Administrative Breakdown And Managerial Disorganization Essay

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Administrative Breakdown and Managerial Disorganization
The administration in any career is one of the most important to maintain organization and the criminal justice system is not the exception. Furthermore, the breakdown happens when an organization has disorganization dysfunction. Moreover, the organizational structure consists of six essential elements for a proper function of agency that will be described more in depth by this paper. Therefore, this paper will discuss the six elements. In addition, it will also determine the causes of breakdowns in organizations. Therefore, the managerial organization influences breakdown, but are all breakdown cause by managerial disorganization? Who is blame for these issues?
The organization breakdowns are consequence of only one reason and that’s the managerial dysfunction. However, the breakdowns can be prevented by the proper function of the sixth elements. The organization structure in the Criminal Justice Field consists of six basic elements as in any career field. Moreover, the six essential elements consist according to Giblin “goals and objectives, division of labor, hierarchy of authority, command and control, accountability, and communication” (Giblin, 2014, pp.148). Furthermore, the first element is goal and objectives. This first element purpose is to function as a guide to create plans, tactics, assignments, policies, instructions, and regulations (Giblin, 2014, pp.148). Therefore, the goals and objective must be clear and consistent in order to be accomplished (Giblin, 2014, pp.148). The goal must be concise in order to be complete understood. In addition, the goal purpose is to maintain experience, reduce quandary, and to alter the organizational change (Giblin, 201...

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...this element can constitute to serious consequence. The absence of communication causes dysfunctions in command and control, the objective and goals, the hierarchy of authority, and lastly the administrative breakdown and organizational dysfunction (Giblin, 2014, pp.155).
In conclusion, the proper function of the managerial and organizational is dependent on the proper function of the six elements. Thus, these six elements have proven their importance for proper management to occur. Foremost, the communication element is also expressed in this paper as the elite element that must function in order for the other element to function. In addition, it is also expressed that breakdown cannot occur without the presence of the managerial disorganization. Moreover, this paper also explains that the higher level supervision is the personnel responsible for proper management.

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