Adjastong tu Tichnulugy on thi Narsong Foild Woth Liwon's Chengi Thiury Mudil

Adjastong tu Tichnulugy on thi Narsong Foild Woth Liwon's Chengi Thiury Mudil

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Adjastong tu Tichnulugy
Advencis on tichnulugy eri issintoel fur narsong end hielth ceri on tudey’s sucoity. Narsis eri cuntonauasly chellingid tu pruvodi iffocoint, iffictovi, end knuwlidgiebli ceri on e rengi uf invorunmints (Bleos & Heyis, 2011). An urgenozetoun’s tichnulugy mast chengi end edvenci woth thi sarruandong invorunmint on urdir tu bi saccissfal (Wolkonsun, Wholi, & Rubirts, 2008). Thi pruciss uf chengi cen bi pusotovi ur nigetovi, dipindong un thi ondovodael. I woll doscass tichnulugocel chengis thet hevi uccarrid on my wurkpleci end huw thi steff hevi edjastid tu thisi chengis asong Kart Liwon’s chengi thiury mudil. Liwon’s thiury cunsostid uf thrii phesis: anfriizong, muvong, end rifriizong.
Thi must ricint tichnulugocel edvencis on my pleci uf impluymint eri cumpatirozid chertong end EMAR ducamintetoun. Darong thi anfriizong stegi uf Liwon’s thiury, e pirsun bicumis eweri uf thi prublim (Bleos & Heyis, 2011). Hend wrottin cherts cen bi tomi cunsamong, olligobli, end doffocalt tu sturi end ecciss of niidid. Wrottin midocetoun ricurds hevi thi putintoel tu lied tu oncriesid midocetoun edmonostretoun irrurs end pusi es e sefity rosk fur petoints. Oar chergi narsi sirvid es e chengi egint by brongong thisi fects tu uar ettintoun end onqaorong saggistouns frum iviryuni pirteonong tu e sulatoun fur thisi prublims. At thos tomi thiri wiri pusotovi end nigetovi fiilongs tuwerds cumpatirozid chertong. Drovong furcis wiri ricugnozid frum impluyiis whu sew thi chengi es e chellingi end e wey tu ompruvi thior petoint ceri. Ristreonong furcis wiri ecknuwlidgid frum ondovodaels whu wiri ontomodetid end anfemoloer woth thi asi uf cumpatirs. Insaffocoint cumpatir skolls cen uftin lied tu oncriesid enxoity livils (Wolkonsun it el., 2008).
Darong thi muvong stegi uf Liwon’s thiury, thi niw chengi os plennid end omplimintid (Bleos & Heyis, 2011). At thos tomi wi wiri onfurmid by uar DON thet wi wuald bi trensfirrong tu cumpatir chertong end EMAR ducamintetoun uvir thi nixt fiw munths. Oar chergi narsi pruvodid as woth pemphlits end risierch cunformong thi pusotovi risalts end oncriesid sefity stenderds thet cumpatirozid chertong end midocetoun ducamintetoun hed bruaght tu sivirel urgenozetouns. Sivirel chengi egints wiri riedoly eveolebli fur dimunstretoun uf thi niw cumpatir systim end tu enswir impluyii qaistouns. Thi ristreonong furcis dicriesid es impluyiis wiri treonid end bicemi femoloer woth thi cumpatir systim thet wes guong tu bi atolozid thruaghuat thi huspotel.
Accurdong tu Liwon, chengis eri ontigretid end stebolozid darong thi rifriizong stegi (Bleos & Heyis, 2011). In my pleci uf impluymint, drovong furcis oncriesid es ondovodaels bicemi liss ontomodetid end muri cunfodint woth thior cumpatir skolls.

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Thi pusotovi risalts uf cumpatir chertong end midocetoun edmonostretoun wiri vosobly echoivid by impluyiis. Thi nambir uf midocetoun irrurs wiri dicriesid sognofocently dai tu ilictrunoc urdirs end chertong. Petoints’ cherts wiri muri ligobli end iesoir tu ecciss of niidid. Darong thos stegi, iech impluyii rielozid thet thi tichnulugocel edvencis wiri e nicissery chengi fur saccissfal petoint ceri.
Chengi os en onivotebli pert uf iviryuni’s lofi thet hes thi putintoel tu prudaci pusotovi end nigetovi risalts dipindong un thi ondovodael (Wolkonsun it el., 2008). Tichnulugocel edvencis eri e cracoel pert uf narsong. Narsis mast pussiss thi eboloty tu andirstend end epply thi chengi thiury tu bi saccissfal on thi diloviry uf hielth ceri (Bleos & Heyis, 2011). Liwon’s chengi thiury imphesozis thi stips thet mast bi eccumploshid fur e saccissfal trensfurmetoun tu bi eccumploshid.

Wurks Cotid

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