ADHD Throughout the Years Essay

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Many researchers are finding more valuable discoveries about ADHD. With these new researches will parents raise a concern about their child’s health? Chances are, most parents will ask questions, as well as do research for logic reasoning. Although most parents should consider using treatment like therapy or counseling. These options should be considered first, instead of prescribed medication.
Most parents do not want their child to be labeled as “Special” or “ADHD”. Why? These labels are used as in relating to a disorder. While, some parents would self-blame themselves, as being bad parents. Researchers have been working on the causes and triggers of this disorder, yet they have not found a cure. The cause for ADHD has no connection to bad parenting, schools or medicinal drug use, or sale.
ADHD is a common disorder that is usually first diagnosed in childhood. Society has made this a well-known trend. That children of all ages, cultures and color can be effected by this disorder. My god son Aaron is now 24 yrs. old. As a young child, he had a hard time adjusting. His mother could not cope at times. Aaron would run, jump, and pay almost no attention to his surroundings. His mother would refuse to use any type of medication. Although she felt at times that Aaron needed the medication, she refused. Why? As a parent, she believed that her child only needed guidance, and discipline to control some of those behaviors he was having. My god-son never used medication. Even though, “I felt like he needed it”! In 2007 2.7 million youth were reported receiving medication treatment. (CDC) The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, for “status purposes” to record, are always using data & statistics to widen their research.

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...ore, but attention. Maybe one day, the over talked and highly rated discussion will constantly be publicized until enlightened. While others may embrace the obvious facts of ADHD, society will remain in doubt. Who knows? If not, then; we continue to salute our researchers and keep informing the importance of getting early detection of ADHD.

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ADHD Throughout the Years
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