Essay about Addressing the South African Energy Crisis

Essay about Addressing the South African Energy Crisis

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South Africa in most recent times has been plagued by an energy crisis. Due to the high energy demands placed on Eskom, it has been unable to cope with this high demand for energy and therefore unable to meet the energy demands of the domestic consumer. This has consequently led to unplanned power outages and scheduled load shedding by Eskom to ease the load demand. This is an obvious inconvenience for the citizens, it is therefore in their own best interest to assist in resolving the crisis we now face. Energy optimisation and energy load reduction of each individuals household thereafter, is the most effective way to solve the electricity shortage crisis in the country. Although extensive measures have been implemented in raising awareness to this issue, either through advertisements or various ‘go-green’ campaigns, majority of the population still remain in the dark with regards to the amount of energy they consume inefficiently. This report is designed to address this problem, in doing so enlightening the reader on how to use energy efficiently taking into account their specific needs.
Energy crisis?
In the summer of November 2007, the rate at which energy supply disruptions occurred increased. The South African state energy company, Eskom, took note of this and declared force majeure on the 24th of January 2008. They lacked the reserve energy to meet demands, even more so during peak hours. They immediately requested customers to urgently reduce demand load to prevent total collapse of the energy system. They further went on to plan systematic rotation shut down of energy to certain areas, subsequently called ‘load shedding’. Eskom had planned heavy maintenance schedule for the high demand of the coming winter...

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...acing strain on our resources. Eskom have struggled to meet demand and it is up to the consumers to help in the energy race. The key is to start somewhere, be it big or small the changes one makes today could lead to greater tomorrow.
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