Essay on Addressing the Problem of Bullying in Schools

Essay on Addressing the Problem of Bullying in Schools

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It is only in the recent years that attention has turned toward the widespread problem of bullying, especially in schools, and that bullying is identified as a serious problem that merits intervention and research (Coy). Therefore, relatively little effort has been made to overcome or address the problem, which still remains a widespread social vice. This paper purports to illustrate how, despite efforts made to rectify the situation, bullying still remains rampant, and is getting worse.
Bullying is defined generally as an act of aggression directed towards a party or individual deemed weaker than the aggressor in order to cultivate a feeling of fear and subjugation in the victim (Espelage). Although the definition varies from the viewpoint of the various researchers, the essential components include repeated acts of aggression, a weaker party, and the feeling of fear and dominance (Coy). Therefore, the measures which should be taken to resolve this issue should address these three parameters.
Let us examine which measures have already been put into place. It has been establish that children are maximally exposed to bullying in schools, especially in middle and junior high schools (Coy). Therefore, such institutes are on the highest priority to receive attention regarding this matter. The first and foremost step to take is to draft a set of rules and regulations covering the entire school and all aspects of education so that an overall environment of healthy learning and fearless growth can be experienced by the...

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... simple problem between the aggressor and the victim. However, latest studies are proving this concept wrong, putting more emphasis on families, communities, and the school environment (Espelage).

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