Essay on Addressing The Learning Needs Of A Charge Nurse

Essay on Addressing The Learning Needs Of A Charge Nurse

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Addressing the Learning Needs of A Charge Nurse
As nurses we all know the complexities of working with many individual personalities while trying to provide excellent patient care to extremely ill clientele. There is nothing that can make or break your nursing experience like having a great charge nurse to back you, and provide a wealth of knowledge and resources for you in times of conflict and accord. Many hospitals employ the use of charge nurses, but there have never been any set guidelines that distinguish the duties and role of the charge nurse (Connelly, Yoder, & Miner-Williams, 2003). As we have learned from various research studies, patient outcomes are greatly influenced by adequate staffing and nurse satisfaction rates so it is imperative to have a great leader in charge that will help increase retention rates among nurses on their units (Wojciechowski, Tyrrell, & Ritze-Cullen, 2011). This paper in question is a qualitative research study that seeks to address the learning needs of charge nurses in acute care settings. The objectives covered in this study included identifying, the charge nurses preferred method for learning, barriers that keep the charge nurse from functioning properly in her role, resources that could help in the role of charging, and educational needs of a charge nurse (Wojciechowski et al, 2011)
Literature Review
The area of nursing under review in this article include leadership development, managerial skills and the role of the charge nurse as a leader and mentor. This topic is of significance, due to the need to have nurse leaders that can adequately supervise, problem solve and delegate, therefore keeping the unit running efficiently. When the charge nurse is not adequately prepared to funct...

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...o 44 nurses but there were a total of 22 respondents. Another point in the study that could have been modified was there was no follow up to the questions answered. It was pointed out in the study that nurses reported that there should be charge nurse classes, but there was never any clarification as to the type of classes that they were interested in. Overall the findings from the study could prove to be very beneficial to those assuming the role in the future. The researcher of the study worked with CNO’s to formulate the questions for the survey and upon reviewing the paper, I would recommend for future research studies on this topic that staff nurses take a part in preparing the questions used. Staff nurses afterall are the ones that have to work under the charge nurse and would probably benefit the most from their leader enhancing his/her job performance skills.

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