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Addition of Vectors Essay

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Addition of vectors:

Let [vecOA] = [veca] and [vecAB] = [vecb]

The [vecOB] represents the addition of [veca] and [vecb]

We mention that [vecOB] = [vecOA] + [vecAB]

[vecOB] = [vecOA] + [vecAB]

= [veca] + [vecb]

Subtraction of vectors:

If [veca] and [vecb] are two vectors, then the subtraction of [vecb] from [veca] is defined as the vector sum of [veca] and − [vecb] and is denoted by [veca] − [vecb] .

[veca] − [vecb] = [veca] + ( − [vecb)]
Properties of Addition and Subtraction of Vectors:


An amount having only magnitude is called a scalar. It is not related to any permanent way in space.


* Mass
* Volume
* Density
* Work
* Temperature
* Distance
* Area
* Real numbers.

Properties for addition of vectors:

Property 1: Vector addition is cumulative.

If [veca] and [vecb] are any two vectors then [veca] + [vecb] = [vecb] [veca]

Property 2: Vector addition is associative.

For any three vectors [v...

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