The Addictive and Destructive Nature of Video Games Essay

The Addictive and Destructive Nature of Video Games Essay

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Smoking, Drinking, and Pornography are among some of the things that people have decided are socially unacceptable for children. However, a child making a character in a video game ruthlessly rape, beat, and kill another character has been deemed perfectly acceptable. Video games are prominent in everyday life. Children as young as two are starting off playing basic video games to learn their ABC’s and 123’s. The problem is that as children get older, they are influenced by the video games they play and in today’s society most video games are violent and gory. Video games affect children and can cause them to take on violent tendencies. These violent tendencies may be as subtle as inappropriate language or as obvious as getting into fights with others.
Almost all video games contain violence. Dr. Craig Anderson, a psychologist who studies violence, declares, “The rating itself does not tell you whether it is a healthy or unhealthy game. Any game that involves killing or harming another character in order to advance is likely to be teaching inappropriate lessons to whoever is playing it” (Jayson). Dr. Anderson then goes on to explain that just because a game is not rated mature or teen that does not necessarily mean that the game will not contain violence. Even games that a parent might believe suitable for children may not be as harmless as that parent thought. As the Entertainment Software Rating Board’s rating symbols say about E for Everyone games, “Titles in this category may contain minimal cartoon, fantasy or mild violence and/or minimal suggestive themes” (ESRB Ratings Guide and Definitions). In fact, the only rating system that was found without the warning that it could contain violence was the Early Childhood rating sym...

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...nces children in their everyday life to be more aggressive without them knowing it.

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