Addiction to Steroids in the Book Drugs and Sports by Rodney G. Peck Essay

Addiction to Steroids in the Book Drugs and Sports by Rodney G. Peck Essay

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Steroids used by teens should be control to avoid health problems.
In the book “Drugs and Sports”,on page 13, the author Rodney G. Peck states that “Experts believe that the disease of addiction can be passed down from parent to child.” He also states that, “ a teen who has a parent with an addiction (or a parent who is recovering from an addiction) may be more likely to become an addict as well. Teens should talk with their parents and not follow their steps to addiction. Drug addiction usually starts with something called a gateway drug. One commonly used gateway drug would be weed, the easiest drug to get in the streets and everywhere.
A new study suggest that gay and bisexual adolescent boys are more than five times more likely to use anabolic-androgenic steroids- which increase the development of secondary male sex characteristics- than eterosexual adolecent boys. The study appeared Monday in the Journal Pediatrics. Everyone uses them for different reasons. “ We know steroids use among boys usually is more driven by appearance- related motives as opposed to performance enhan...

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