Addiction : The Common Form Of Addiction Essay

Addiction : The Common Form Of Addiction Essay

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People often associate the word addiction with drugs and alcohol because they are the most common form of addictions. The word addiction is often misunderstood because people connects them with negative addictions that are compulsive dependence on a behavior or substance abuse. I believe that the term addiction is evolving because there are positive addictions that exists and can enhance your mood and well being. Addiction occurs with everybody, whether it is good or bad and it is part of life. My personal definition for addiction is forming a habit due to physical or mental needs causing to change a mood.
Alcohol addiction is the most common form of addiction because alcohol is not illegal, but the only requirement in the United States is that you have to be 21 and over to purchase. Addicts needs alcohol to function physically and emotionally. The more a person drinks, the more they need to feel the effect because they build a tolerance. When a person goes through withdraws they become moody and shows signs of aggressive behaviors. Alcohol can cause health issues also by affecting your brain, heart, liver, pancreas, and immune system, which all can cause cancer. Alcohol does not just hurt yourself, but can also cause a family’s relationship to sink. The addiction of alcohol is very personal to me because this form of addiction occurs within my family.
Drug addiction is another form of a negative addiction that tremendously hurts a person physically and emotionally. Drugs can alters a person’s brain making them to rely on drugs to function. The more a person do drugs, the more tolerance they build, which cause them to be dependent on them. Drugs can cause a person knowing that drug use are harmful to continue the use because the...

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...emotionally. Music is powerful, depending on the genres of music it can make you feel happy or sad. Without music it would be a boring world to live in, the human race listens with our ears. Music can get you through a strenuous activity or a session in the gym which it causes people to be motivated. I believed that people are addicted to music because I see people listening to music all of the time whether its in the car, work, gym, and even at home. We definitely can not function without music.
Many people thinks that having an addiction is always a bad thing because they only thinks about the negative addictions. In reality, there’s are addictions that can have a positive outcome on people. People do not realize exercising regularly or listening to music is an addiction. Do you think addictions can be positive? That is what you will have to figure out on your own.

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