Addiction : Painkillers And Heroin Effects All Types Of People Essay

Addiction : Painkillers And Heroin Effects All Types Of People Essay

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Addiction to opioids, painkillers and heroin effects all types of people here in the United States. From students, big business men, jobless and homeless people, even to some of our favorite celebrities. (Katel) “Overall, the federal Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration says that nearly 2.5 million people suffer from “use disorder” (a term that includes addiction) involving prescription opioids and heroin.” This disorder has shattered many families’ lives, without warning, and continues to take more lives each day. A few ways to try and combat the growing Opioid Crisis are: trying to close the “pipeline” of illegal selling of opioid painkillers, using certain opioids to lessen the addictive properties of opioid drugs, and teaching doctors more about how to tell how much pain a patient is really in.
Our nation’s leaders have been coming up with different strategies to help these people stop using these illegal painkillers. Last year, the Comprehensive Addiction and Recovery Act changed the game. It gave the National Institutes of Health the ability to begin research on “developing non-opioid painkillers.” This act allows for programs that presents grants for addiction treatment to each state. (Katel) An example of one of the programs is “medication-assisted treatment”, in this program, the addicts are prescribed opioids that weaken the craving for more of the drug and does not give the user a high. These opioids are methadone or buprenorphine. (Katel) The reason experts and politicians agree with this act is because it shows that addiction is an illness and that recovering is a long process. As Republican Sen. Rob Portman of Ohio says, “This bill is not just about reversing overdoses, it’s about helping people...

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...tive, and that our doctors can not medically detect if someone is in pain or not. We may often blame “those who continue to abuse prescription medications” for faking their pain or pretending to be in pain, but we will never truly know how much pain someone else is in.
This crisis has killed nearly 250,000 Americans since 2000, and more adult’s abuse opioids than cigarettes, smokeless tobacco and cigars combined. (Katal) If we don’t take the necessary steps toward limiting the use of opioid painkillers, our country is going to continue to abuse these drugs and suffer the consequences. If we encourage addicts to join the programs that will help them overcome their addiction, fight opioids with opioids themselves; and inform more doctors to help their patients who take advantage of the painkillers available to them, we could overcome this crisis and save more lives.

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