Essay on Addiction Is Wrong By Johann Hari

Essay on Addiction Is Wrong By Johann Hari

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The ted talk I chose to focus on was “Everything you know about addiction is wrong” by Johann Hari. For three years Hari went on a journey to find out what drug addiction truly is by doing so he found compassion and the true meaning of why people feel the need to be addicts. I chose to focus on this topic since I happen to be interested in becoming an addiction counselor and help people reconnect with the people in their lives. What we think we perceive about addiction is that we will take drugs and then be addicted because the chemicals in the drugs.
However, Hari stated an experiment that said, if we spent twenty days living off heroin at the end, we would be addicted for the reason that, the chemicals hooks in the drug, our bodies would be compelled and addicted to this drug. However, there is more to this story when we drive to the hospital for breaking a bone we are often given a drug called diamorphine which is medical heroin these people are exposed to an even greater dose of heroin but they do not become addicted.
Professor Alexander in the 70s did and experiment where he put a rat in a cage and gave it two water bottles, one with regular water and the other water laced with heroin automatically the rat always drank the laced water. However, the problem with this experiment is that he didn’t put anything in the cage for the rat to do other than take drugs, he then placed objects in the cage and made it a rat park. After doing so the rat felt no need to drink the drug water since he was content. Which often leads to the idea that humans who take drugs are regularly lonely and have no one to support them.
Hari also states that he did some research on the Vietnam War and around 20 percent of American troops were using ...

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I believe the principle of this is to think outside of the box, modern technology is always showing up. By being an addiction counselor you are always trying to ease people recover and to gain independence from the past, to do so you are obligated to bond and connect with them, most often than not they do not have the support from their families. The counselor should be obligated to find a balance between being directive and allowing the patient to be independent all while being supportive to the patience feelings.
Hari searched for three years to find why what we think addiction truly is what took him three years took me fifteen minutes, people should watch this ted talk more to find out why they should support addicts rather than turn them away, instead of helping, people are making more addicts instead of showing support and making bonds with people.

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