Essay on Addiction : An Intense Constant, Constant And Uncontrollable Craving

Essay on Addiction : An Intense Constant, Constant And Uncontrollable Craving

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Addiction: an intense, constant, and uncontrollable craving something that persists even in the face of adverse consequences. While an addiction can develop and cause devastation at any point in a person’s lifespan, adolescents are the most likely to fall into the trap of substance abuse. Social pressures to experiment with addictive drugs such as tobacco negatively influence vulnerable teens, whose bodies are not fully matured and more susceptible to physiological and neurological damage. Government-funded organizations, including The Real Cost and Truthorange, are taking new, creative routes in their advertisements to educate kids about the dangers of smoking. Truthorange’s commercial “#CATmageddon” utilizes the power of cats in the media as a weapon against the tobacco industry, whereas The Real Cost’s “Science Class” employs a blatant scare tactic as a smoking prevention technique.
Both “#CATmageddon” and “Science Class” apply methods of adaptation to suit their messages against smoking with the target audience’s customs and interests. In particular, “#CATmageddon” draws on the commonplace that funny clips and images of cats are popular with the current teen generation. This coincides with the idea that the majority of teenagers dedicate a portion of their daily lives to surfing the web, the virtual network where users can share computer-generated items such as memes and vines with each other for entertainment purposes. By incorporating videos of cats, arguably some of the biggest internet sensations to date, into their advertisement, Truthorange links its message to a mainstream social practice within the adolescent community. Another mutual experience shared amongst youth is the regular attendance of school. The classroom en...

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...mphasize how scary these illnesses really are.
“#CATmageddon” and “Science Class” both attend to the urgency in smoking risks to teenagers, yet they do so in contrasting styles and with different desired responses from their audiences. The uncertainty in these anti-smoking advertisements lies in how effective they truly are at raising awareness about the sacrifices teens make each time they light another cigarette. Although the popularity of smoking cigarettes has decreased overall, contemporary forms of smoking such as hookah and vaping are edging their way into the spotlight. Because these new-fangled methods have just hit the market, research cannot detect if they are supplemented with lasting negative effects. In the near future, perhaps, anti-smoking organizations will expand their domain to include these types of tobacco products in their advertisements as well.

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