Essay about Addiction : A Common Killer

Essay about Addiction : A Common Killer

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For many years, people have suffered many devastations about addiction. It has become a common killer in the United States just like murder. Addiction has affected over 23 million people from the age 12 and older. These addictions are wide ranging, they can include alcohol, drugs, sex, video games, food, pornography, and gambling. People like to keep quite because they view this disease as morally wrong. Addicts sometimes shut out their family member because they are afraid of the reaction if anyone knew their problem. The Nation Institute of Drug Abuse states Addiction is as a chronic, relapsing brain disease that is characterized by compulsive drug seeking and use, despite harmful consequences.Today in 2016 addiction is spreading across the world and killing sons, daughters and even parents. It’s becoming more normal to go to funerals where parents are burying their children and children are burying their parents. It’s a serious life threatening disease just like cancer and diabetes. Some view addiction as a disease, Others view addiction as the result of choice. Addiction is a disease and not a choice that this nation needs to be aware of and educated on.
Addiction is caused by a variety of behavioral, environmental and biological factors. Addicts usually develop addictions because they are looking for a way to cope with a problem or improve the way that they are feeling. Environmental risk factors are characteristics in an addicts surroundings that increase their likelihood of becoming addicted. People may have many environments, or domains of influence like their community, family, school, and friends. The third Factor is biological factors which include genetic, or neurological effect which involve the function of...

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...full commitment to stop and live a clean and sober lifestyle. Although most addicts cannot just stop on their own, they need professional help. This help can be from rehabs, 12 step programs, and from therapy. Addicts have a better chance of staying sober this route then continuing to stay in this addiction cycle and living the life that they are living.
Although addiction may seem morally wrong, addiction can sneak up and take over an addicts life. Addiction is a powerful and sometimes deadly disease. What started out as a quick choice to use a substance triggered the addicts brain to make them believe they needed the drug or substance in their everyday lifestyle. Regardless of how an addict become addicted, the effects on them and their families are sometimes long and devastating. This is why the nation should be treating addiction as disease and not a choice.

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