Essay on Addicted As A Person Who Is An Addict

Essay on Addicted As A Person Who Is An Addict

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When most people think of an addict, what may come to mind is a homeless person on the side of street, dirt under their nails asking for change to buy their next handle of vodka, a chain smoker with yellow teeth and a raspy voice, or even the neighbors son who was arrested after breaking into their parents house to steal money for more heroin. The dictionary defines an addict as “a person who is addicted to an activity, habit, or substance” (Addict). They then define addicted as “devoted or given up to a practice or habit or to something psychologically or physically habit forming” (Addicted). (Addict)(Addiction)When speaking to the general public, most define an addict as a person who knowingly harms their body to obtain a certain feeling, spends their money irresponsibly to obtain a high, or whose mind becomes so consumed by a substance or thing that they cannot function normally without it. Within these definitions, it can be argued that the everyday person is an addict. Addicts are all around; they are parents, children, teachers, and the leaders of countries. If it’s not drugs people are addicted to, it 's food, celebrity habits, or vanity.

There are many who joke “Don’t talk to me before I’ve had my coffee.” but it 's an unfortunate, common addiction. Many people claim they can’t function, or begin to think until they have had their coffee; setting a timer for their morning brew to start and be ready by the time they wake up. Friends have said they will leave for work an extra half hour early just to get in line and wait for twenty minutes for a cup of joe. A Starbucks coffee is around four dollars, yet people can’t seem to find the money to buy organic eggs for the same price. This is because there is an addiction, it ...

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...l’s Jr commercials with scantily clad women eating oversize cheeseburgers. For decades society has been marketed with sex because companies know there is a natural addiction.

Even though a majority of people may not be sneaking off to the bathroom to do a line of cocaine, they still have the same obsessions with habits, with the substances consumed and the activities people participate in. Drugs, alcohol, and nicotine can all cause addiction, but there are also psychological and physiological habits that can consume our minds, control the way we spend our money and manipulate the actions we take with all facets of life, just the same. The next time, when driving through a city and a person is stumbling down the street or a family friend has overdosed, don’t be too quick too judge. Take a brief glance in the mirror and remember they are not the only addicts in life.

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