Addicted And Throwing Away Their Money Essay

Addicted And Throwing Away Their Money Essay

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How can someone become so addicted to throwing away their money when they are already broke? This seems like an unreasonable question that is asked too often. Gambling becomes an addiction when it interferes with the regular lifestyle of someone or those close to him or her. Jeanne Segal, Ph.D., Melinda Smith, M.A., and Lawrence Robinson say a gambler will withdraw from loved ones, sneak around, deny it by lying, try to hide it from others, and borrow or steal money (par. 2,5). Many people know someone who gambles at a casino that does not know when to quit. It is easy to keep putting money into a slot machine to try and make back the difference. Gambling can become an addiction and often times lead to family issues and financial breakdowns. Luckily, there are solutions to gambling that can bring broken relationships and a balanced income back into the picture for recovering addicts.
Maxi Chambers, a former gambler addict, told a story about winning five hundred dollars her first time gambling; this led to her playing more frequently, often every week in order to win extra money (par. 6,9). The feeling of winning sometimes overpowered the feeling of losing. Often times, a compulsive gambler forgets how much money he or she spent while trying to win. Winning does not occur often, and this results in a stronger and prolonged urge to gamble. The thought of winning overpowers the gambler so much that he or she may forget about all of the times he or she lost. Even though winning occurs less often than losing; the positive feelings associated with winning are what gamblers thrive on. The majority of addicts have a history of a jackpot strike that gets their adrenaline pumping. This jackpot strike allows them to feel okay w...

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..., meditate, hang out with friends, undertake a hobby, and use relaxation techniques (par 5). As earlier stated, gambling destroys family relationships and being alone creates boredom. Help them plan an agenda to stay busy. Make sure to schedule in plenty of time with family and friends who will support their decision to quit gambling (par. 15).
These tips are not for everyone. Trying each one to see which fits best will have a better outcome for success. Understanding the numerous techniques to overcome this habit can help narrow the options whether choosing therapy or the helpful tips listed throughout. Remember to help the addict stay busy and keep in mind how harmful quitting an addiction can be to family and friend relationships. Even though it is hard to quit an addiction, there are many ways to overcome the different struggles of being a gambling addict.

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