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Addicted : Addicted And Technology Essay

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Addicted to Technology
Technology has made numerous evolutions throughout history by having someone creating it to later becoming something more powerful than intended. A demonstration of this malpractice of technology is viewed in the novel Frankenstein when the author, Mary Shelley, introduces a character named Victor Frankenstein, who is so eager to create life that during his process he never analyze the consequences that it brings to him. After he creates what he calls a “monster” instead of assuming responsibility, he ends up leaving it behind where the monster has to learn to interact with people he never seen before. However, his appearance makes it difficult for people to accept him into their society since they never seen a creation like him. The monster then ask Victor to make a female creation that he could connect with, but Victor refuses his request which ends up causing his and many of his loved one’s death. Lack of social interaction, destroying surroundings, health problems rising, behavior and attitude issues, and distraction are all components of technology distraction being a monstrosity just like Victor’s use of technology was. The point that Mary Shelley emphasizes in her novel are the negative effects that man tends to bring when they abuse the power of technology and how eventually technology becomes a monster to mankind. These similar concerns are presented in modern day by having the components of technology addiction not only becoming a problem, but bringing conflicts on all ages and introducing major concerns in society.
Technology addiction is defined as someone who is compulsively attach to a device or its content that has trouble when asked to be restrained from it. In Frankenstein, Shelley says”I...

... middle of paper ...

...also the family that becomes destroyed after going through the hardship of the depression of son/daughter. Just like Victor, who died after seeing everyone he loved died because of the monster he created, many people goes through this same situation when having an addiction to technology since it constantly a threat in either their family or themselves.
As technology keeps advancing, so does technology addiction becoming more of a problem in society. Mary Shelley advises us in her novel, Frankenstein, about the monstrosity technology can be when it is being used without any limits. By having Victor represent the careless user and his creation being the technology, they demonstrate the effect of what can happen if one gets addicted to it. Technology is not always bad; however, if it is used excessively then nothing good can ever result from something being abuse.

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